This Week in Growth: 5 Marketing Bullets 7/15/2016

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Hey everyone, happy Friday! Before you go off to your weekend, take a quick look at my five favorite marketing pieces from this week:

  1. Concierge Onboarding Doubled Our Conversion Rate to Paid in July – In case you don’t know, concierge onboarding is when you get on the phone with customers who’ve signed up for your service or product to answer questions and build trust. The folks at have been testing this out and the results are that this technique shortens time to conversion quite a bit! Makes sense because despite this digital world we live in, people still need that personal touch, especially if your product is a little more complex to use.
  1. Identify Users with the Most Valuable Feedback – This step-by-step post shows you the easy and inexpensive process that the author uses to identify which customers you should be reaching out to and collecting their feedback. You can’t talk to them all, especially if your company is doing well, so you need to be strategic about who you’re gathering information from.
  1. How Local Content Is Helping SMBs Keep Big Brands at BayThis post from Moz answers the question: “How can local SMBs better compete with big brands in their respective areas?” As the author says, “Nothing related to business pisses me off more than seeing big brands dominate local search queries, when I know smaller brands that provide better service are all around. Equally frustrating is seeing these small brands try to compete outside their league by relying too heavily on paid search and ignore how effective content marketing can be for their business’s long-term success.”
  1. What We Can Learn From Heat Map Studies to Improve Our Calls-to-Action – A heat map is an image that shows you (with different colors) who’s doing what on your site, like mouse tracking on the page, where people are clicking, how far down they’re scrolling, etc. This Moz post gives a great summary about three things we can learn from heat map studies.
  1. Why Automation Is the Future of Content Creation – No, automation will not put an end to handcrafted content. What it will do is put an end to wasting time. According to this Content Marketing Institute article, “Authors will still create (craft) the best possible content, communicating it as effectively as possible. What authors won’t do is re-create the same content over and over for each channel and each usage. Instead, they’ll optimize the content up front for use wherever it may appear.”

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