Lessons Learned from Too Many Clients

If you take on too many customers, you’re not going to be able to do the best job.

So for the last month, we didn’t close any deals, but that was by design because we didn’t want to let the quality of our work suffer for our current clients. This month, we’re about to close a bunch. Sometimes you have to take that into account.

Business success is not just about closing deals, it's about maintaining quality with your current clients and customers. Share on X

When you take that into account, you continue to get more referrals, you continue to do good work, and your clients (or team!) don’t get mad at you. So you have to think about that.

In this episode of the 7-Figure Playbook: Real-Life Lessons from Eric Siu video series, I’m speaking at conferences in Austin, TX and sharing strategies on how to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur. I’ll also give you a peek at some current marketing trends going behind the scenes of a marketing agency!

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