7 Social Media Hacks That’ll Make You Stand Out From The Noise | Ep. #616

In episode #616, Eric and Neil discuss the 7 hacks you can use to stand out from the crowd. Tune in to hear what you should be doing to make an impression.


  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: 7 Social Media Hacks That’ll Make You Stand Out From The Noise
  • [00:42] #1: Neil took the most popular influencers and had them take photos of themselves holding signs that said, “Who is Neil Patel?”. Over the years, he has closed deals because people remembered this campaign.
  • [01:26] #2: Allbird has custom illustrations and videos on Instagram. That kind of thing will help you stand out.
  • [02:06] #3: See what’s working for your competitors and is getting them the most shares. Then, create similar content or posts.
  • [02:38] #4: Social Blade shows stats for YouTube. You can see channel’s growth rates and what helped them achieve that growth. This will help you figure out what tactics to copy.
  • [03:23] #5: Increase engagement by boosting posts to people on your fan page.
  • [04:11] #6: Build pods with like-minded people and power-like each other’s posts.
  • [04:38] #7: Figure out what each social network is missing. Facebook is trying to work on video, LinkedIn has a lot of gaps, etc. If you give the social network what they are lacking, they will promote it.
  • [05:34] That’s all for today!
  • [05:36] Go to Singlegrain.com/Giveway for a special marketing tool giveaway!

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: And today we're going to talk about seven social media hacks that will make you stand out from the noise.
So, Neil, I remember you doing a social media thing for your Instagram campaign, can you talk about that and how that "Hack" worked?

Neil Patel: Yeah, sure, so I'll start off with the first hack. With social media, there's so much clutter and so much noise out there, you need to get creative. One of the hacks I did was I took the most popular influencers and I had them hold up signs, men, women, someone actually did it with their pet animal. And it was to hold up signs being like who is Neil Patel? And that got a lot of people to search for my name. If your company name is let's say the Network Studios, you can have a sign being held up like "What is the Network Studios?" And if a lot of people do it in the same day, it'll create some buzz and cause people to search.
It didn't generate a positive ROI right then and there, but over the years I have closed deals just because people saw me from those campaigns.

Eric Siu: All right, and number two, I really like ... So let's use Allbirds because I talked about Allbirds in the last episode, I like these shoes. So if you go to Allbirds Instagram, you can see that they have these custom illustrations, and they have these custom videos as well. Those are things that are remarkable, they actually stand out, and I actually end up saving those to my collections because I think they stand out.
So, what I do is the ads that really stand out to me, this is kind of a side note, whether it's on Facebook or it's on Instagram, I actually save them into a collection called ads that I like, and then that way it gives me ideas in the future. But anyway, the number two here is just having video/illustrations that stand out.

Neil Patel: Number three, with social media there are so many things that you could potentially post, what I would do is go and see what our competitors are posting, and see what's getting the most social shares. Tools like BuzzSumo can help you with this, from there you should have a good idea of what's working, what's not. And I would then take that, leverage it, and create similar type of content or post, that should help you get more reach versus just taking darts and throwing them and being like "Huh, I wonder what works?" You don't want to make this a guessing game, look what works for your competitors and start replicating that.

Eric Siu: Number four, this is building on Neil's example. So what's that tool that looks at YouTube and Instagram, Social Blade?

Neil Patel: Social Blade, yeah, it shows how many followers, the growth, subscribers, et cetera.

Eric Siu: So what you're looking for there, you use a tool like Social Blade, you can type in Neil Patel for example, and look at how his growth rates are going over time. And then you can look at multiple channels, you're really looking for kind of hockey stick growth, where the growth is accelerating. It could be through paid ads, but sometimes it could be through organic too, and then you can look at the ones that if they're growth is accelerating they're obviously doing something right.
That's going to help you hone in on the ones that you should be copying, and by the way there's nothing wrong with copying, marketers do it all the time.

Neil Patel: Yeah, and what number are we on right now? Number five, all right. So, with social media, what you'll find is they continually change their algorithm and make it harder and harder for you to get your content out there. Just think about Facebook, what they do is they say Hey, if you have 100,000 fans, and I'm using a big number, but if only 1,000 of them engage, we're going to crush your score and your reach, so very few people if anyone really sees your content.
But if you had 1,000 fans and 500 of them engage, your content can then go viral because we're like "Wow it's so engaging, we should spread it out to our whole network."
A good way to get more of your fans engaged, because you can't just cut them off, what you want to do is start boosting posts only to people on your fan page. It'll cause more engagement text based updates and stuff so that way they're engaging. Then when you share links later on, more of them will see it, and your content will go viral.

Eric Siu: Number six, so we talked about this before, but using pods and the concept of power like. So you can build pods with like minded people, whether it's travel, food, or whatever industry that you're in. Again, like minded people that are actually legit, and you guys are posting and you guys are helping each other out with the likes. And then the idea with power likes I guess is to kind of ... In a similar vein you're looking for accounts that are very influential, that are putting likes also on your posts.

Neil Patel: Cool.
Last but not least, when it comes to social media, the easiest way to get a ton of reach and to hack your way out of the noise, is figure out what each social network is missing. Example, Facebook want to compete with YouTube, they're promoting videos right now harder than anything else, they have something called Facebook Watch.
LinkedIn is missing a lot of everything, if you put a video on LinkedIn, it does really well even if your video's crap. I hate to say it, they just want the content that people are sharing on YouTube and Facebook, and they're out there, they're not the most popular social and network, but if you give them what they're lacking, you'll do well.
Remember when Instagram wanted to crash Snapchat? They'll take a lot of the features and they'll give it more reach because they want to crush their competitors.
So look at what each social network is trying to become more popular in and give them that content because they're losing to the competitor. And by doing that, your content just spreads even if it's not that good.

Eric Siu: Great, so that's it for today but go get your marketing goodies, which change frequently, go get your marketing goodies, go to singlegrain.com/giveaway, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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