How to Rank Higher on YouTube | Ep. #335

In Episode #335, Eric and Neil discuss how to rank higher on YouTube. Tune in to learn how you can successfully get your video ranking to new heights on YouTube and why a putting out a 20-minute video is better than a 2-minute one.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Rank Higher on YouTube
  • 00:51 – YouTube tags help the algorithm figure out what the video is about
  • 01:06 – You have different keywords and you need to know which keyword drives traffic
  • 01:16 – Check out Keyword Tool, SEMrush and Google Search Console for keyword performance
  • 01:36 – YouTube looks at your engagement
    • 01:54 – Between a shorter video and longer one; the longer one will rank higher because YouTube tracks the length of time viewers stay engaged with the video
    • 02:18 – The longer people stay on YouTube, the more engaged they are and the more money YouTube makes from their ads
  • 02:53 – If you want to build your watch time, think about building a playlist
    • 03:03 – Playlists can get people to watch over time
  • 03:31 – VIQ and TubeBuddy can help with the tags people are using on their videos and other statistics
    • 03:56 – TubeBuddy’s tag explore can help you find recommended tags
  • 04:10 – To do well, upload videos consistently and share them to other channels to increase engagement
  • 04:27 – It takes time to see results on YouTube
  • 04:44 – Neil sees improvements on his YouTube videos after promoting them everywhere
  • 04:52 – Eric’s Growth Everywhere YouTube channel is growing on its own
  • 05:06 – Eric learned that once you get 10K subscribers, you’ll start to grow fast
  • 05:30 – There’s an inflection point
  • 05:50 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. The longer your videos are, the greater your chance at a longer engagement time which will inevitably boost your ranking.
  2. Upload videos consistently and in large quantities if possible.
  3. From YouTube, promote your videos on as many channels as you can to establish your following and increase your engagement.

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