How to Network With Other Marketers | Ep. #458

In Episode #458, Eric and Neil discuss how to network with other marketers. Tune in to learn how organizing a small dinner can help you connect with people and why it is important to engage with people on the same level.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:27] – Today’s topic: How to Network With Other Marketers
  • [00:32] – Eric and Neil ended up networking with other marketers when they visited their friend in Toronto
  • [00:49] – Throw an event or small dinner
  • [01:06] – You can meet marketers by participating on the web
  • 01:36 – Host a Zoom meeting for mastermind work
  • [01:54] – Make sure you’re connecting with people at your level
  • 02:35 – There are a lot of marketers on Slack groups, such as Buffer and Online Geniuses
  • 03:12 – Marketing School is giving away 90-day FREE trial to Crazy Egg which is a visual analytics tool
  • [03:26] – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Hosting a small dinner and inviting people into your network can help you forge new relationships.
  2. Make sure that you also add value to those you wish to network with.
  3. Leverage the internet—you can grow your network online.

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Eric Siu: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School, with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Siu.
Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: And today, we are going to talk about how to network with other marketers. This one's actually pretty interesting because Neil and I were just in Toronto. We had no agenda; we were there to meet one of our friends. We actually ended up networking with a bunch of other marketers that were part of great companies.
I think that's one of the things that you can take a look at in terms of, "Well, if you want to network with other marketers, you can be like the guy that threw the event." He basically had a dinner where he invited a lot of cool people, a lot of marketers that he knew. Got everyone together, and he had a dinner first, and then it become a kind of networking, happy hour thing. And then he made it into his own thing, and Neil and I had a lot of fun.

Neil Patel: Yeah, and if you're trying to meet other marketers, it doesn't always have to be in person, so you can do events like we're talking about here. Like, throw your own events, or you can go to other people's events, or whatever it may be to network. But, a simple way to actually meet more marketers is to just participate on the web. So, whether it's Facebook groups, or Twitter, or Forms, there's marketers in all of these channels. Network with them, converse with them. You don't need to know them to have conversations. And after a while you'll start getting to know them on a personal way.

Eric Siu: Yeah, one other way to do this is you can host Zoom meetings. I really like doing Zoom meetings for kind of over the camera, share screens things like that. Zoom meetings for masterminds work out. I've done some kind of Zoom masterminds in the past. Facebook groups are helpful as well. I think Neil talked about that already. But you can use Facebook groups, you can use Zoom meetings.
Just make sure that if you're going to connect with other people, that you're connecting with other people that are at your level. If you are just starting out, you're a junior marketer, you should connect with other junior marketer, right? It doesn't make sense, if you are a junior marketer, you're trying to connect with other senior VPs, because it's just different. The things that you're talking about, the things you experience in your day-to-day are different.
Which is why, when I connect with my entrepreneurs organization people, there's certain criteria to be in there. Same thing with Young Entrepreneur's Council. You got to make sure that you're talking to people that are experiencing the same problems as you are, and that can speak to the same things. Otherwise, there's going to be a disconnect in terms of how much value you can add, and how much value they can add. So you want to make sure that you're very deliberate about what you're doing there.

Neil Patel: Yeah, and also, doing Slack groups, there's a lot of marketers on these Slack groups, and the more you participate in them, the more you're going to learn from them. It's simple, it works, and it's 24/7, because you can just be communcating with them on your mobile device.

Eric Siu: Yeah, so what are some Slack groups? The Buffer one's a Slack group. There's Online Geniuses. I mean, there's a couple of other ones. Do you have any in mind?

Neil Patel: I don't use any of them.

Eric Siu: Oh, that's right. He doesn't use Slack. You see, Neil doesn't use Slack, he's very 1990s.

Neil Patel: Actually, you should see my phone.

Eric Siu: Yeah, Neil uses a phone that's like an iPhone 4, or something, and looks like it's about to break. That's like the major disconnect when you look at Neil in person. But anyway, I digress. Before we go, we have a 90-day free trial of Crazy Egg to give away and this is available to each and every one of you. And guess what? No credit card required and it's worth up to $3,000, so it should be a no-brainer for you. Just go to and we will see you tomorrow.

Neil Patel: This session of marketing school has come to a close. Be sure to subscribe for more daily marketing strategies and tactics to help you find the success you've always dreamed of. And don't forget to rate and review, so we can continue to bring you the best daily content possible. Well see you in class tomorrow, right here on Marketing School.

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