Three Quick Steps to Building Quality Links

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Link popularity. Backlinks. Inbound links. Call them what you will, but your successful web site marketing plan will only become successful when you have acquired quality links that point to your domain in specific ways.

If you are lazy or unmotivated – stop reading. If you are seriously committed to the long term success of your site – here are some tips to get you rolling with building quality links.

Step One – Directories

Not all quality links are free. Google has come out and said that they will weight an inbound link from a paid directory (like Yahoo's) so as to have more impact than a free link on a random directory. Why? Because you are serious about your site and it's content. Shelling out $300 bucks a year is not fun – but if you can write some clever titles and descriptions, your listings will really benefit your SEO forever.

Don't think that Yahoo is the only player in the game either. There are free directories like DMOZ that are also critical – and many niche directories that are in high standing like Best of the Web.

Step Two – Anchor Text Is Critical

Here's a simple question: If you were a search engine, which of the following links would provide you with more information?


Blue Widgets

Of course it's the second one – and it's because it's using descriptive anchor text. This is an isolated example, but what if you were to build 100 new links to your site using anchor text that matches some of the search phrases you wish to rank for? Well, you'd be well on your way to ranking prominently – that's for sure!

Step Three – Stay Ahead of the Game

When blogging became big, everyone started a blog and tried spamming for backlinks. It worked, but only for a short window. The lesson learned here is that if you're going to be successful with building quality links, you need to be constantly thinking of a new way to go about doing things. Of course, the more legitimate and sincere your efforts are, the more likely they will be to succeed.

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