Top 70 Mobile SEO and Mobile Marketing Articles

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As smartphone and tablet penetration increases – as do the number and breadth of activities taking place on these mobile devices – having a mobile marketing strategy in place for your business isn’t just a good idea.  It’s practically a “must do” in this ever-evolving world of computing-on-the-go!

However, before we dive into the resources needed to help you craft a compelling mobile plan, we need to make a few distinctions.  Though the three following phrases are often used interchangeably, they actually refer to separate principles – each of which should be addressed (where relevant) in a mobile marketing plan:

  • Mobile-Friendly” – Mobile-friendly refers to creating a version of your desktop website that can be easily accessed via smartphone.  Although this is important from a usability standpoint, the presence of a mobile-friendly website version doesn’t necessarily affect mobile SEO.
  • Local SEO” – Local SEO refers to the techniques used to promote place-related websites in the SERPs (for example, restaurant or local shopping websites).  While local SEO activities certainly play a role in how business information is accessed via smartphone, these techniques have just as much of an impact on desktop browsing as well.
  • Mobile SEO” – Mobile SEO refers specifically to the activities undertaken to encourage websites to rank higher in the results pages for searches conducted from mobile devices.

In the past, there has been some confusion as to whether or not Google and the other engines were – in fact – serving up different results between mobile and desktop users.  The question of whether or not this distinction existed was an important one – after all, if there’s no variance in results, there’s no reason to pursue mobile SEO as a separate discipline.

However, conclusive evidence proving the presence of mobile SEO eventually came from power mobile user Bryson Meunier, who uncovered substantial differences between the two after analyzing client site data in Google Webmaster Tools for a month long period:

“What I discovered is that while 13.42% of the queries have the same ranking in desktop results that they do in smartphone results, the great majority of the queries do vary slightly.  Nearly a quarter of the listings vary by two positions or more, which in the limited real estate of smartphone screens might as well be page ten.  And for a small percentage of the listings, the difference in ranking can be as much as ten positions or more.”

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top web articles available today that address various aspects of mobile SEO and mobile marketing in general:

Growth of Mobile Engagement

Mashable – Google CEO: Mobile Growing Faster Than “All Our Predictions” [Video]
Performics – 49 Percent Of  Mobile Searchers Made a Mobile Purchase In Past Six Months
Google Webinar – Are You Mobile Ready?

Mobile Search Behavior

Bryson Meunier – Top Google Mobile Searches 2011
ThinkMobile – The Mobile Movement  (This presentation is a “must read” for understanding how users operate in a mobile environment!)
Search Engine Land – Mobile SEO is a Must for Acquiring Mobile Shoppers
Pew Internet – How Mobile Devices are Changing Community Information Environments
Brafton – Mobile SEO Critical as Smartphone, Tablet Commerce, Browsing Increase
Single Grain – 5 Web Trends for 2012

Mobile Marketing Strategies

B2B Marketing Insider – Mobile Marketing is a Strategy Not a Tactic
Mashable – 4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch
Social Media Examiner – 5 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Mobile Marketing
Single Grain – Is Mobile Marketing Right for Your Business?
Forbes – Why Your Mobile Marketing Campaign Won’t Work
Mashable – 5 Flaws in Your Mobile Marketing Strategy
ClickZ – Don’t Have a Mobile Marketing Strategy?  5 Mobile Tactics You Need Now!

Mobile SEO Basics

Google Webmasters Central Blog – Making Websites Mobile Friendly
Search Engine Land – Why Mobile Friendly is Not Mobile SEO
Forbes – How The Mobile Web Changes The SEO Landscape
SEOMoz – Mobile SEO Tips For Everyone [Video]
Search Engine Land – 14 Differences Between Smartphone and Desktop Search Results

Mobile SEO Techniques

Mashable – 3 Tips for Better Mobile SEO
Bryson Meunier – Dotcom vs Dotmobi: Most Popular Mobile URL Option
Search Engine Land – Building Mobile Landing Pages That Succeed In Mobile Search
Search Engine Land – For Mobile SEO Ask “What Do Mobile Searchers Need?”
Technorati – Tips for Mobile SEO

Browser-Specific Mobile SEO

Search Engine Roundtable – Google: One URL with Special Stylesheet is Easy Mobile SEO
Search Engine Watch – Mobile SEO: Managing Googlebot & Your Mobile Sites
Search Engine Land – Do You Know Google’s Official Stance on Mobile Search & SEO?
New York Times – Google, a Giant in Mobile Search, Seeks New Ways to Make It Pay
MediaPost – Mobile Search Becomes Focus For Yahoo
Search Engine Land – Bing On Mobile Search & SEO
Search Engine Roundtable – Bing Takes Clear Stance On Mobile SEO: One URL

Mobile SEO Best Practices

MobiThinking – Mobile SEO Best Practices
Search Engine Roundtable – Google: Use Single URL Without Redirect For Serving Smart Phone Content
Google Business – Re-Think Mobile Marketing & Analytics [Video]
GoMo, a Google Initiative – Ready to Go Mo?
QuickSprout – How to Optimize Your Mobile Site for Search Engines

Mobile SEO and Ecommerce

Search Engine Land – Tips for Optimizing Content in Mobile Commerce SEO
Referral Candy – eCommerce SEO for Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps
Practical eCommerce – SEO for Mobile Apps and App Stores

Mobile SEO Tools

MobiReady – Mobile-Readiness Testing Tool
W3C – MobileOK Validation Checker
Wordpress – WPTouch Plugin
Blue Blots – 12 Helpful Tools in Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website
Website Design Ledger – 11 Excellent Solutions for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile SEO and the User Experience

Adobe Digital Marketing – Do Mobile-optimized Experiences Improve Engagement on “Super” Phones?
Search Engine Land – Consider Mobile Content Carefully For Users & Better SEO
Copyblogger – The Myth of Mobile Content Marketing
Alertbox – Optimizing a Screen for Mobile Use
Practical eCommerce – SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Mobile SEO Myths

Search Engine Journal – Mobile SEO is a Myth
Search Engine Land – Seven Mobile SEO Myths Exposed

Local SEO

Search Engine Watch – Local SEO: 10 Tips for Ranking in Your Area
Business Insider – Hardcore Local SEO Tactics
Local SEO Guide – How To Do Local SEO For Your Website In Five Minutes (Or So)
TopRank Marketing – 10 Easy Local SEO & Online Marketing Tips
Search Engine Land – How to Use Pinterest for Local SEO
Marketing Sherpa – Local SEO: How Geotargeting Keywords Brought 333% More Revenue

Mobile SEO for Local Rankings

Dejan SEO – Mobile SEO is Local SEO
Local SEO Guide – Do You Have a Local Mobile SEO Strategy?
Catalyst eMarketing – How Do Consumers Find Local Businesses?  Local SEO and Mobile Marketing Stats
Ethical SEO Consulting – Success of Local Mobile SEO Influenced by Images and Reviews
Resolution Media – Local Mobile Optimization: Is Local-Mobile Different from Local-Desktop?
Medium Blue – Local and Mobile SEO Opportunities with Structured Data

Mobile SEO and Siri

Inc – The End of SEO As We Know It – How Apple’s Siri Could Destroy Local SEO
ClickZ – The New SEO: ‘Siri Engine Optimization’
Paradux Media – Local Search SEO and Siri
Internet Marketing Ninjas – Did Siri Really Kill SEO?

Hope you find these resources helpful as you begin to build your own mobile marketing strategy to capture this increasingly engaged market share!  If you have any questions or comments about your own mobile marketing campaigns, share them in the comments section below:

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