18 Ways to Create Excellent Linkbait

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Links, links, links. We all want them, but we’re not completely sure how to get them. There’s no easy way to do it, but there are a multitude of tips you can implement to improve the likelihood your post, or website, gets linked to.

Linkbait, specifically, describes an action that is specifically taken to attract links. Some posts can generate traffic and conversation, but link bait specifically pulls in the eyes of the bloggers, and more important, the linkerati, to link to your website.

  1. Create remarkable, unique, original content. If this isn’t the case, your post won’t get linked to. Few linkbait pieces were created in three minutes or are of two paragraphs in length. Your posts have to be thoughtful, creative, and a good reflection of time-intensive work.
  2. Create content that is accessible and useful to a large number of people. If you’re too niche specific, the potential reach of your content will immediately be reduced. However, don’t spread too far, as you want your content to create repeat, loyal visitors to your website. If you stay true to tech, food, or something of that sort, there’s a higher percentage chance you’ll get some repeat readers.
  3. Be simple. The more complex and difficult to comprehend your idea is, the less likely your audience is to spread it. Supply something that’s easy to digest, but maintains the remarkability linkbait requires.
  4. Provide value. If you solve a problem of the reader, you’ll spur them to action. Desire to solve the problems of others will come from that initial problem being solved, they’ll spread the idea, and your work will take off.
  5. Be aware of temporal factors. Jumping on recent news is the best way to create content that’ll be spread throughout the internet. Your linkbait doesn’t have to address breaking news, but offering a unique spin on recent developments can be a great way to kick start link developments. Blogs like Mashable, Gizmodo, and Hacker News offer good insights into what’s new and worth writing about.
  6. Understand your audience. Check the social media platforms you hope your content will go viral on, and see what’s “working” there. It’s beyond vital to assess what people like and enjoy promoting.
  7. Create controversy. Links are very likely to occur if you pick a fight and call someone out. However, an intelligent audience can tell the difference between good, authentic points and ones that were created to draw in links. Realize an opportunity where calling someone out is worthwhile, then mold the post and content push to make it go viral.
  8. Have a reputation. If you work on creating and developing a reputation, linkable content will come a lot easier. This can be both on your website and/or on social profiles, where “pushing” your content will come a lot easier if you have a reputable profile.
  9. Reveal as much as possible. Digging into extremely personable details and then referring it back to a public subject can be a superb way to draw in attention. As readers, we love to be let in, and we’ll reward you with links.
  10. Post regularly. Your regular viewing audience will be a large part of your “push”. Maintain them by posting with consistency. Five posts one week and one post the next doesn’t fly.
  11. Use an attractive title. An extremely important part of the post is the title. To get the content to spread, you have to get the reader to click on the post first. Copyblogger has some Headline Formulas to work from, and also, How to Write Magnetic Headlines.
  12. Push at appropriate times. Post in the morning, because there are more readers to retweet and read your content. In other sectors, it may be appropriate to post on the weekend, as there are fewer new posts.  Source: How to Get Traffic to Your Blog.
  13. Network. Find and create friends offline or online, and you’ll have additional resources to help you promote and link to your product. This can be extremely powerful, as a real number of friends online can exponentially increase the success of your posts.
  14. Reward your network. Your network isn’t there only for you to gain benefit from – be extremely gracious with your links, time and own promotion and your network will return the favor in kind.
  15. Analyze other successful linkbait. This, that, this, that, the money, the list, and this one. These are all good examples of linkbait that worked. They all worked for different reasons, but if you look between the lines, it’s not hard to figure out. Twist the lessons from each to apply to your own site and you’ll be well on your way to a Pagerank 10 site.
  16. Make content easy to spread. Place retweet buttons and social links in the appropriate places on your post. The more “calls to distribute” you have, the more likely your audience is to do the work for you.
  17. Understand linkbait “hooks”. Todd Malicoat has a good post on Hooks on his website Stuntdubl, which is built upon at Smashing Magazine. The five hooks are: the News Hook, the Contrary Hook (having an opposite opinion), the Attack Hook, the Resource Hook, the Humour Hook, the Giveaway Hook, the Research/Statistic Hook, and the Incentive Hook.
  18. Create a tool. Creating a tool your audience can use is a superb way to create continuous, long-term linkbait. Every time someone things your tool can add value to their readers, they'll link to it. As long as it's current, the links will keep flowing in.

Have any more great linkbait tips? Add them in the comments.

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