First 5 Things You Should Ask Your SEO Clients

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All the answers to these questions will save you time and help you quickly develop focused and effective SEO strategies.

  1. What demographics are you targeting? You can't do a good job without this answer. If they don't know, help them determine which demographics they should target.
  2. What are your goals? A client's goals should be your goals when developing an optimization campaign.
  3. What is and what is not working with your current Internet marketing strategies? The client may and they may not know, but you want to pay close attention to their answers and figure out what other questions you should ask. Review their stats and compare them with the answers you receive for this question.
  4. Are you prepared to make some changes to your web site and the copy on the site? Usually, there are many things that have to be revamped or adjusted. Sometimes there is a lot that needs to be changed. Clients need to understand this from the beginning so they can get use to the idea. Some people love their web sites and want nothing to change! These clients will take a little more time because you will need to explain why the changes need to be made.
  5. What is your budget and what are your expectations? Clients typically have a budget in mind and they won't go beyond that. Their budget helps you decide which services to offer and the best way to offer them. Also, if they expect to be #1 tomorrow they are mistaken. Some can get to #1, depending on which keywords they are using, but most clients have a lot of competition. Your clients need to understand the realities of optimization and they time and effort it takes to do well.
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