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TikTok Ads Agency Focused On Growing Your Brand & Driving Revenue

Single Grain is a results-driven TikTok ads agency that leverages the power of short-form video to help you reach new audiences, build communities and generate more sales.

Audiences, particularly the younger demographic, love TikTok. Of its millions of users, one in four can’t be reached on any other social platform.

But many companies aren’t able to take advantage of this new(ish) social media app. Maybe you lack the in-house resource to create compelling, persuasive video content. Maybe you don’t know what type of video content to create for best results. Or perhaps you’ve never experimented with TikTok ads and just don’t know where to start.

Single Grain’s award-winning video advertising agency can help you reach and engage new audiences with impactful, action-oriented, laser-targeted video ads. We’ll also help you grow loyal communities and promote your product with a video advertising campaign tailor-made for your brand.

How do we do it? Our team of experts in paid media and social media will personalize smart, tested and high-value digital marketing strategies just for your company and our brand’s creative side will help you stand out from the crowd.

Our Focus: Growing Your Audience & Increasing Your Sales

TikTok ads aren’t about “going viral” for the sake of it — they’re about delivering real, measurable results. Boosting your reach. Building engagement. Driving sales of your product or service from this social media platform.

Our TikTok ads strategy makes that happen through a range of strategies and deliverables, including:

  • Business goals evaluation
  • Ad format selection
  • Video ad creation and writing persuasive copy
  • Personalizing your video ads to different target audiences
  • Connecting with the right TikTok influencer to expand your message’s reach
  • Campaign reporting and optimization
  • Conversion optimization to boost landing page performance
  • Tracking your ad’s performance and taking actions to improve it
  • Managing the bidding process to boost profits
  • Leveraging our deep understanding of the algorithm to create ads capable of blowing up

We Specialize In HIGH-ROI TikTok Ads Campaigns

Single Grain helps you drive brand awareness, engagement, and sales with compelling video ads that target your ideal customers on the social media platform they love.

With high average watch times and recall rates, our unique creatives will communicate your messaging in a way that resonates with the people who matter most: your audience.

Unlike other marketing agencies staffed by generalists, at Single Grain, you’ll be working with a team of dedicated TikTok advertising specialists. They’ll take the time to dig into your business, understand your long-term objectives, and build a custom TikTok ads strategy to grow your brand and achieve your goals.

What’s more, since we are an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency, we have the skills and experience to apply SEO, content creation and marketing, and PPC tactics to your TikTok ads campaign. Our TikTok marketing experts think outside the box to ensure that your brand enjoys the best exposure and gets quality traffic to your website.

And we won’t send you a meaningless report along with an invoice. Expect to hear real data-driven results. We’re always glad to share metrics, strategies, trends and lessons learned with our clients.

TikTok Ads FAQs

Why advertise on TikTok?

People don’t just use TikTok to watch videos of cats or people dancing. Two-thirds of users agree that the platform inspires them to shop – even when they weren’t planning to buy something.

What’s more, 74% say that TikTok has inspired them to discover more about a product or brand online, while 66% agree that it’s helped them decide what to buy.

So if you want to promote your product or service with engaging video content and turn views into real-world results, TikTok is the perfect platform.

What are the types of TikTok ads?

TikTok offers four standard ad formats:

  • TopView: These video ads appear at the top of the feed, allowing you to capture your audience’s attention through visuals, sound and a compelling narrative.
  • In-Feed Ads: By integrating into your audience’s “For You” feed, In-Feed Ads allow you to tell your brand story in the style of a TikTok creator.
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge: Designed for high engagement and visibility, these ads are your opportunity to invite the TikTok community to engage in a fun way with your brand.
  • Branded Effects: Creating shareable stickers, filters and special effects allows you to tap into the potential of user-generated content.

How is Single Grain different from other TikTok ads agencies?

Most TikTok ads agencies are populated by generalist marketers who have to run campaigns across multiple platforms, diluting their platform-specific knowledge.

Our TikTok ads agency is different. Everyone on our TikTok ads team is a platform specialist with experience of planning, implementing, executing, and optimizing high-performing TikTok advertising campaigns.

How much should I expect to pay per month for effective TikTok ad campaigns?

To run effective TikTok ad campaigns, you need a custom strategy that takes into account your audience and goals. Who are you trying to reach? What action do you want them to take?

Those factors vary from one brand to another. That’s why our starting point is to create a tailor-made proposal outlining how we plan to deliver your results — and how much budget we require to make it happen.

We don’t go in for a one-size-fits-all approach, because no other brand is exactly like yours. To request a free consultation, click here 👇

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