A World Without Facebook

We already got a look at how our world would be affected without Google, now here’s a look at our social life without Facebook.

(click on the image to enlarge)

What would you do in a world without Facebook and how big of a role does it play in your life?

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  • Myspace and friendster already had every single feature listed on this graphic before facebook was invented. More accurately, “what would we do without facebook? Use myspace”. Facebook’s success is due to myspace’s failures. This graphic implies that facebook was the most original and innovative idea ever. It wasn’t; it was just executed well at an optimal point in time (when people were open to something new, because myspace started sucking).

  • if we didnt have facebook…everyone would still be using myspace.com

  • Adam Skinner

    Want to send your friend a picture, before Facebook?

    EMAIL it to them.

  • derp

    Correction to this chart:
    Denmark has more facebook users per capita than any other country in the world.

    Over a third of the entire population (even including infants and others unable to operate a computer) has a facebook account.

  • umm

    The population of North America is actually closer to 525 million…

  • Brian

    Interesting. But why does the map of countries not include Alaska as part of the US?

    • zit

      Re: Alaska
      Similarly, only mainland Canada is shaded. No biggie.

  • friends and connections will be lost without facebook. but without it, people could use all the time surfing to do something productive with their lives.

  • Patriot

    This is great, but there’s a HUGE HUGE mistake… Alaska is not shaded blue with the rest of the United States on the world map. What is this?

  • LP

    As life changing as Facebook has been, not only in the way we communicate but the way we share everything with each other, it has completely demolished any reason for us to meet in person or even call each other. Although I guess if someone hasn’t signed into Facebook for long enough you can call to tell them to look at your pictures you uploaded. Though I’m sure it’ll be a text message instead.

  • Nice infograph!! I’m definetly (??) going to use some of this data for my next presentations.

    Keep it up!! 🙂 Grtz from Belgium

  • Erick

    Good data, but the “NOW” bit with Facebook is rubbish. The world was just as simple without Facebook too.

  • Dancer

    A world without Facebook will be a better place for everyone. The single advantage which offers this site is that you can find easy old friends from your childhood, from your college or work. Beside this things Facebook is a waste of time.

  • Elizabeth

    Funny how most people don’t realize it, but Facebook is essentially like Big Brother from George Orwell’s “1984”, except Facebook is more effecient.

  • Cat

    Is that 18-25 stat accurate? I am kind of amazed there are more dudes on FB than girls! Either way, great graphics.

  • REL

    hmm facebook is 6 years old.. we survived before it and will after. A world without Facebook
    – less cyber bullying
    – less stalking
    – less 12 year old girls posing as adults and getting kidnapped or worse
    – less opportunity for people to know exactly what your doing at every moment

  • Gaz

    I like how you included ireland in the UK, how thick of you.

  • Up next? Google+…

  • Jon Ward

    See the Island next to Canada? Newfoundland. Yeah, it is a part of Canada.

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  • I think that some of us wouldn’t be able to live without facebook, LOL

  • Craig B

    A world without FB would be a most joyous thing. People might actually learn how to interact with others FACE TO FACE and discover what being a “Friend” actually means and how having more than a half-dozen people in your life that you see as “true” and “loyal” friends is rare, encouraging you to honestly appreciate the concept of such a relationship that much more.

    A world without FB would mean fewer kids tormented by school gossip and teen stupidity — fewer suicides! It would mean that we could have actual privacy in our lives vs. giving employers our passwords & log-ins . . . permission to invade our lives and blackmail us into submission — sharing their social-political views or even facing the loss of job security due to religious views, sexual orientation, etc.

    A world with FB would mean that we are allowed to be HUMAN BEINGS realizing that the simpler things in the world are far more important.

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  • Surminga

    Great info graphic, puts their global domination into perspective.. Is there one for twitter?

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