3 Tips To Increase Returning Visitors

So you want to increase your returning visitors? It is actually quite simple…have a good Website. In the real world it’s a bit more complicated than just having a good website. Here are a few tips can help you increase your returning visitors.

1. New/Updated Content

Update your content frequently, add more content. If you are selling a product, offer some information about the product. i.e. An ecommerce site would have testimonials and detailed information about their products.

2. Offer a Bribe

What does everyone want? Something for free! So you offer something for free, weather its free information on a certain topic, or free shipping (if you’re an ecommerce site) or a free tool (if you sell a service).

3. Branding/ Bookmark

Branding your website is very important; make sure your website design unique and uniform, so that visitors know they are at your site. Make it very simple to go back to your website by having an easy to remember domain name and/or having a “bookmark this site” link on your site. The easier it for a visitor to remember your site and bookmark it the more chances there are that they will come back.

Remember: Don’t just follow these tips blindly make sure they apply to your niche. What works for some niches may not work for your’s.

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