18 Link-Building Tips and Techniques

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Everyone knows the importance of links. Links can bring more visitors and boost your Page Rank. If you are a webmaster or blogger, link baiting should be high on your optimization check list. We have created a list of link-baiting techniques that will help your blog or web site.

  1. Valuable Content – The #1 thing that is really going to make people link to you is creating an article or post that offers something valuable to the reader. If the reader thinks it is valuable you will most likely gain a link and more readers.
  2. The title – the title of your article must draw the reader in “How to…”, “Free SEO Tip, “The top 10 optimization strategies”- the title should be hard to pass up. Readers want free. Valuable information. Give it to them. Copyblogger offers some great tips on headlines.
  3. Create Lists – people love lists. They are scannable, easy to read and fun to read. Lists are great for link baiting.
  4. Create Surveys – People love to give their opinions and they love to read the results of surveys they were involved in. Creating a survey brings in readers and these readers will use your link.
  5. Claim Your Blog on Technorati – You need to claim it and find other blogs that you like and add them as favorites. If you give someone a link they could give you a link at some point.
  6. Join Contests or Writing Projects – ProBlogger offers writing contests and projects which results in thousands of links to him. To return the favor he lists all the writers and links back to their blogs. There are several larger blogs that offer contests or projects. Take the time to enter. You will not regret it!
  7. Article Marketing – Ezine and GoArticles are examples of places where you can submit your articles. As a bonus you get to include a link back to your site. Sites like these can have high page ranks because of the amount of sites linking to them, so you will obtain a quality link with this method.
  8. Offer to be a Guest Blogger – You have valuable information to offer, so offer to be a guest blogger- instant link back to your site.
  9. Press Releases – Press releases can include a link back to your site. People may never read it, but you have more backlinks.
  10. Have Domains for Sale? – If you have a web site up advertising the domain add a link to your blog and/or web site. Links are links. Obviously higher quality links are better but you might as well leverage what you have.
  11. Link to Authority Sites – If you link to sites with credible information you become more credible and you increase the odds that others will link to you.
  12. All Social Bookmarking Will Bring You Links – Don’t forget how crucial social bookmarking is. It will boost your blog and your business
  13. Post Comments On Other Blogs – When you post comments on blogs the blog owners will go look at your site. Many appreciate the comments and return the favor by commenting on your blog or adding a link to your blog. Additionally, other people commenting may come to your blog. The more traffic you get the more links you get.
  14. Digg – Digg is huge and if you want to obtain some links Digg your own articles, the best ones, and hope that others will see it. You can ask your friends to bump up your numbers and remember that the title is what brings people in.
  15. StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon has 2.7 million users and they are stumbling all day. If you Stumble the articles/posts you like and the blogs you like you bring in a lot of traffic. If you have something valuable to offer people will link back to you.
  16. Sphinn – Sphinn is focused on search engine marketing. You can find articles, Sphinn people or add articles and be Sphunn; either way you get more work,
  17. Reddit – Reddit is another place to submit your articles and this brings you traffic- traffic that is interested in your topics, so you have a great chance of someone linking to your site.
  18. Del.icio.us – Del.icio.us bookmarks articles and every article is given its own page. Essentially it works like a search engine that people can forever reference. Each bookmark is a targeted link. Del.icio.us is great for all bloggers.
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