11 Fun and Efficient Ways for Getting Backlinks

If you have a website or a blog and you want to be visible online, you need backlinks – which is the shorter way of saying you need other sites and blogs to link to you. Some people will make link-building sound like an impossible mission. Or worse, they will claim that you are completely dependent on others for links.

Worry not. While you won’t be listed on any A-List blogs’ blogrolls overnight, you can turn link-building efforts into fun activities. Before you start, though, you need to remember that while links gained organically (links you didn’t pay for) from sites with big Google PRs are worth more than the organic links from sites with lower page ranks, you do need a starting point. And lots of relevant links from medium or lower page-ranked sites are better than no links at all.

Now the fun part:

What You Can Do- without depending on anyone else.

Yes, you should build communities and you should make friends with other professionals online. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t any relationship-free link-building methods you can apply by yourself:

Linking from your blog to your website and vice versa

If you have a website, start a blog and link from your blog to your company’s website. And remember to link from your blog to your company website. Yes, you just killed two birds with one stone, all by yourself.

Interlink between website pages and blog posts and pages

Your interlinking counts. Also remember that not all of your blog pages have the same page rank so this little action will help other pages become more visible.

If you have other websites and blogs, link them to each other

What’s the point of running multiple sites if you can’t benefit from it? This cross-linking will help increase your backlinks and page rank. And Technorati will like you a little better as well.

Write articles for sites that allow you a link to your site and an author byline.

If you like writing articles, you should take advantage of this. There are many article directories (that you write for free but they are good for authority), web writing jobs that will give you money in addition to your byline, as well as content publishing sites that can help with backlinks and help you make money on the side too. These options will also help you improve your SEO skills as well as increase your traffic.

Leave your links on your profiles across the web.

You’re not supposed to register for social media accounts and just leave them alone afterwards. Fill in the information, put up the photos and don’t neglect to fill in your URL.

Comment on other blogs

Many blogs love the idea of good Karma. So they allow do-follow links on their blogs, meaning that your URL is visible (and they’re ready to be visited). Once you know that it is do-follow, comment away. Of course as a website/blog owner yourself, you know how annoying generic comments can be. And since you respect the blogger’s content, it’s a piece of cake to produce a valuable comment.

One valuable comment ensures your link is on that blog post’s page. If you comment this way regularly, in a way that will catch the blogger’s attention (often being one of the first commenters can really help), you can end up developing a relationship with the blogger. This might result in you being mentioned in their posts and/or getting a chance to write for him.

Depending on others:

Asking for links

Well, since you were commenting on a regular basis, you might have already developed friendships with other bloggers. You can ask nicely for a link – by offering giving out a link yourself. Or you can link out first and ask for that link later.

Exchanging links, banners, spots on each other’s blogrolls

Mutual benefits are good things. All bloggers need traffic and authority (which depends hugely on the number of quality and relevant backlinks). So why not exchange links on your blog sidebars? It can be blog banners, logos or simply the site names featuring the links.


You can query for guest-posting with or without building a relationship first, but if you are aiming for a hugely popular blog, having built a relationship with first might help you differentiate from all the other queries in the inbox. You can write a great post, following the blogger’s guidelines and at the end of your post, there will be a catchy little byline – complete with your URL.

Linking  out in your posts

Just like you interlinked your own blog posts, you can also link to relevant posts that you liked by other bloggers. Of course you can also point out to the facts that you don’t agree with as well. But the goal here is acknowledging other good sites in your niche so that they can also acknowledge you.

Of course not every linking-out effort will result in backlinks for you, but some will. And before you know it, you will have added to your visibility on line.

Having fun yet?

As you can see, getting back-linking is not an excruciating activity that will cost you a lot of money. It’ll only cost you some time and a carefully structured plan. And the good news is, your efforts in getting backlinks will earn you beneficial relationships, more traffic, more authority and popularity. Even if the activities don’t entertain you, the results ought to.

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