Chapter 10: Interview with Blockchain Online Learning Platform BlockGeeks Founder

In this last chapter of our 10-chapter resource guide on blockchain and cryptocurrency, Eric Siu interviews Ameer Rosic of Blockgeeks, an online learning platform that helps you learn blockchain.

Ameer founded Blockgeeks to fill a market void for blockchain resources and he has some great educational resources on his site.

How a High School Dropout Built the Blockchain Site Blockgeeks (& Did 1M Organic Visits in 1 Year!) 

Tune in to hear Ameer, who was a high school drop out, discuss how he got the idea to create Blockgeeks in order to fill a need for a blockchain resource that didn’t exist, what the differences between cryptocurrency and ICOs are, how he went from not understanding bitcoin to building Blockgeeks, and where to go for educational guides and tips on learning more.

The interview is here.

We recommend these comprehensive resources from Blockgeeks if you want to dive even deeper into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

And, for more information on alternatives to Bitcoin, we love these:

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here.

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