How to Pitch Your First Marketing Campaign

Feeling nervous about pitching your genius marketing ideas to your boss or your client? In this video we walk you through the prep for how to pitch an idea and how to get your first client. The presentation preparation is critical, and you should have all your marketing strategies outlined with plenty of research. If you're planning to land a marketing deal you're going to need to know the ins and outs of how to get a project approved. Also if you're looking for information on how to start an agency, the pitch is one of the most important aspects. In this video Eric Siu shares his top strategies for building a killer pitch.

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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric: In this video I'm going to show you how you can pitch your first marketing campaign to your boss, or even to a potential client. My name's Eric Siu. I am the co-host of the Marketing School Podcast, and the host of the Growth Everywhere Podcast, where I nerd out on marketing every single day. For the Growth Everywhere one we nerd out on entrepreneurship and we interview world class entrepreneurs.
How do you go about pitching your first marketing campaign? It's tough because sometimes you have to deal with budgets. Sometimes you even have to deal with other stakeholders. Maybe you have a partner. Maybe you have a boss that's resistant. Maybe you're new to a company and you kind of have to prove yourself. How do you pitch it? I run a company called A Single Grain. We're an agency. We work with companies like Uber and Amazon. How do we go about pitching it?
The first that you need to do more than anything else, don't be salesy. Make your boss, or make whatever stakeholders, you have to get them curious. Hey, how do you think our marketing campaigns going right now? What do you think we need help with from a marketing perspective? What worked and what didn't work? And then you start to get them curious. You start with a discussion first, and then from there, you start educating, because they might not know things. I don't know what the conversion rate is. I don't know. I don't know. But, you might have a solution. Well, have you thought about this? It starts to become more consultative. At least for me personally, it's much easier to sell when I'm consultative and I actually know what I'm talking about.
What I'm showing you on my screen right here is just a couple tools that you can start with too. Let's say you're trying to pitch SEO for example. You can use a tool called Ahrefs. Right here, I just put in and at, I can see the different Q words that he's ranking for, the top pages he has. I can see a lot of the stuff that he's doing. Nothing pisses people off more than seeing their competitors kicking their butt. Let's say Neil is a competitor. Man, Neil's got 404,000 keywords over here. Well, Mr. Eric, how many keywords do you have for Single Grain? Oh, you only have 47,000 keywords there. Oh, guess what? Neil's almost 10 times, a little under 10 times bigger than Single Grain. That's going to get the competitive juices going. It's like, look, they rank for this stuff. They're doing all this content over here. Da, da, da, da. You open their screen up. Great. It's like man, we're really falling behind. That means they're making so much more revenue than us. It's competitive, right? It's like a sport.
The second thing I'll say is you can use a tool like SimilarWeb. SimilarWeb will show you where their traffic is coming from. Where they're running ads. What similar websites are out there. There's a whole host of other things that you can pull from SimilarWeb. You can also use a tool called, Adbeat, which gives you competitive intelligence on advertising. Bring all this stuff out there. You do want to make it professional too. What I suggest is, yes, put it in a PowerPoint, but don't just make it a bunch of bullet points. If you're going to put any text, make your text really big, and then speak to every single slide that you're presenting on, and then just talk. Talk versus just read off something. Nobody likes that.
If you're part of a big corporation, you're probably going to be doing a PowerPoint. Ideally you're not doing it, but maybe that's the culture. You want to make sure that you put in the success and the failure metrics, like here's the goal. Here's what we're aiming for. Here's what we're putting in. Here's the potential risks. Also, at the same time, what a lot of people fail on is hey, if you invest X dollars, you will get Y back. That makes people feel comfortable. It shows that you've actually done your homework instead of looking unprepared.
Come in. Make you look professional. Don't skimp on the details. Make sure that you set expectations. Put the goals out there, success, failure, all that good stuff. You're going to be good to go.
Before we go, I just want to make sure that you actually got this power up and you're going to do something with this video. So, go level up. Just hit subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and we'll see you in the next one.

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