How to get listeners for your podcast through paid advertising

Are you struggling to find the best way to get podcast subscribers for your show? In this video we explore the top paid ad strategies for how to get more listeners and how to grow a podcast. If you're considering to use paid ads to promote your podcast, watch this video for advertising strategies that will help your podcast marketing succeed.

Eric Siu shares his insights from growing two podcasts over a million downloads and interviewing multiple influential entrepreneurs to distill a powerful content marketing blueprint to help your business growth goals. If you enjoyed this business tutorial and want more like it, be sure to subscribe to our channel!

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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video, we're gonna talk about how to get listeners for your podcast through paid advertising. I'm Eric Siu. I have a podcast called Marking School. We have over 6.5 millions downloads on that one and the one called Growth Everywhere, a little over a million on that one. I wanna talk about hike in growth through paid advertising.
A lot of people, even the two podcasts that I have, we've grown it mainly through organic: through our email lists, through our social [inaudible 00:00:21] channels, what we have already, but there's other ways to grow it, too. We have ran paid ads in the past. You can use Facebook, for example, and a really good example of this is Marketing in Your Car. This is by Russell Brunson who runs a company called ClickFunnels. Here's the amazing thing about ClickFunnels. I believe they do north of 40 million dollars in revenue a year. They have raised no venture capital at all, and it's 'cause they're really good at marketing. If you look at his podcast, it's called Marketing in Your Car, he has a podcast stick. What he does is he drove Facebook traffic to that page, and once you got to that page, if you wanted the stick, you pay nothing for the MP3 stick, but you pay $9 dollars for shipping. Then you get the product. This is amazing to me because basically he's controlling the growth that way.
What happened was this: For every single podcast stick that he sold, which he basically gave away for free, he was able to get five subscribers. Right? Five subscribers and then people were gonna rate and review. He was able to manipulate the growth that way. You spend about $15 dollars in acquisition for the stick. He was actually profitable on that acquisition. I think he was making about $32 dollars or so. That's the beauty of it. He's already making money. He's getting more subscribers. It's a no brainer, right? He's making money, he's getting more subscribers, and this isn't even factoring into his backend where he's selling $25,000 dollar masterminds. He's selling other courses.
If you can build some kind of funnel like that, which I highly recommend that you look into, if you're able to control and manipulate your growth, there is a podcast app called Overcast. That's what I use right now. It's faster than a regular podcast app, and you can actually run ads on there. You can do paid ads on Overcast. You can also do paid ads on Spotify as well and try to look at other channels, too. In this future, this is what I'm guessing. This is what I'm projecting, too. People are listening to marketing school and growth everywhere right now through Alexa, and I suspect that we might be able to run ads in the future through Amazon's paid advertising system on Alexa, for example.
That's it for this video. If you want to get more videos on how to grow your podcast or marketing or entrepreneurship, hit subscribe and I'll see you in the next video.

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