How to Win with YouTube Advertising (2018 Ad Strategies)

Are you ready to learn how to make winning ads? Are your ads not converting as they should? In this YouTube Advertising tutorial, Eric Siu and Andrew Bloom from Single Grain show you some advanced YouTube Advertising Techniques to take your business to the next level.

The main focus in this video is about how to do ad sequencing, or ads that tell a story, and Andrew walks through the process with some examples from Fiverr's marketing campaign and Upwork's Marketing campaign. Tune in to see who is the winner!


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video I'm going to show you how you can win with YouTube advertising. My name is Eric Siu. I am the co-host of the Marketing School podcast and the host of the Growth Everywhere podcast. I'm going to pull in someone from the team and you're going to learn how to make this work for you.

Andrew Bloom: Hello advertisers, Andrew Bloom here. I'm a Senior Advertising Manager for search display on YouTube with Single Grain and today we're talking about an advanced YouTube targeting strategy and a future I'm really excited about called YouTube Ad Sequencing. Now at Single Grain, we're having a lot of success thinking about ads as content, ads that are as able your organic video content to tell a story, to be immersive, to be as contextual about the topic and the interest as the user might demand from organic content and ultimately, as good at converting as organic content might be.
What are the advantages of traditional organic video content? You have narrative, you have story, you have hypertext, but ultimately, you have sequence and this is something that we're finally able to do with YouTub ad sequencing. Today I want to give you two examples of two companies that I think are using this feature in a really remarkable way. I'm looking at two networks for connecting freelancers with gigs that a lot of you might be familiar with. Those are Upwork and fiverr and they're taking two really interesting approaches to using YouTube ad sequencing in their YouTube videos.
If you look at Upwork, they have this Hey, World campaign running in which the subject is going to be really eye catching and universal to many people. It'll be a celebrity or a common cause. This is a little bit of what we call an intrigue inverted unicorn theory, which we can get into more later, but they'll have a video addressed to like Hey, Donald Trump, do you need a social media manager? Or Hey, George R. R. Martin, do you need a ghost writer to help finish that story? Or even my personal favorite, Hey, Equifax, do you need some help with IT security?
The message being that you'll find that here on Upwork but what are they really doing with these sequences? They're very linear, they're very horizontal. You're only going to keep getting hit with this message over and over and get treated to the same [inaudible 00:02:01]. It's going to get lodged in your brain, it's going to be in your world, and you're going to see through that repetition, you're going to see their point being made that they have a very large versatility of needs to be filled.
Upwork has a lot of versatility in terms of solutions in the form of freelancers that can go ahead and meet those needs. It all adds up to using this feature to keep people interested and saying oh my God, what's going to come up next? By contrast, we're looking at fiverr and their In Doers We Trust campaign and they're doing something slight different with this feature but just as interesting.
They're using a different approach, one that's not horizontal like Upwork's but really utilizes more of the vertical downward funnel facing audience targeting that this feature can really excel at, so the top level is very focused. It speaks directly to what people think the freelancer might be. The first video is very engaging and it shows our concept of hey, working really hard in meeting your objectives and going out there and closing deals.
If you're in their target market like I was when I saw them, I was really engaged by that. I watched the whole thing but then the follow up videos kick in because they're using sequencing. Then the next video I see completely subverts that trope that they saw. They had a kid holding up a good drawing in the first video. This is now with the added hard sell feature applied to it and the mom like snatches the kid's drawing out of her hands and this time it's all about hard sell and the very self started, very aggressive, make it or break it type entrepreneur that these videos speak to. It's completely line by line subverting the tropes you saw in the first video.
Now which either of these sequences you engaged with more, you're going to get more and more of these little 15 second blips and bumpers from fiverr all about how to deal with the sharks, how to deal with those trust fund kids. There's one I really like with a woman chainsawing a whiteboard in half. The idea is you're engaged but with more directionality and they're looking at your interests and there are sequencing videos based on the track that you want, based on the profile of a freelancer you might be, and it just adds up to make that same point that fiverr made, which is that there's versatile needs to be met and versatile solutions to go ahead and fill those needs.
Now who does it better for me? I'm a big fan of deeper engagement, moving people down the funnel. I'm going to give the edge to fiverr but they're both very, very remarkable examples about how to use this feature to the fullest and about how ad sequencing can make your content more immersive, more of a storytelling experience, and almost as captivating as organic content, if not even better.

Eric Siu: Alright, thanks for watching that. Hopefully that's going to help you level up and if you enjoyed videos like this, go ahead and leave a comment and tell us what you're going to do afterwards to actually take action. Don't forget to hit subscribe and we'll see you tomorrow.

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