How to market a cannabis company

With the legal restrictions surrounding cannabis, how do you market it? In this vlog, Eric visits a client in San Francisco to get creative with marketing strategies. This is part 3 of the...

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Eric S.: Today we did the outdoorsy reality show. Basically it is Airbnb for RV's. So if you want to go Rving, you want to go glamping, whatever it is, go to, you'll learn their story., sorry.
Met with one of our clients as well to get a testimonial. Our testimonial videos are good, we can run ads, we can boost them and then also met with the CEO of [Dribbble 00:00:26] we talked, we talked shop a little bit, nerded out on SEO a little bit and just figured out how we could help each other out.

Speaker 2: Alright so some people are asking, like what kind of backpack is that?

Eric S.: Dude, first of all, nobody's asking that question. Second of all, it's a timbuk2 backpack.
You have a little compartment to hold your cards, and then you have the little, you see you have the little, little, and then you have the little one where I put my extension cords and I put my floss in there, that's another [inaudible 00:00:51], put your floss in here because when you eat salad, it gets stuck in your teeth and it becomes embarrassing because you go to the next meeting and you can't get it out and you're screwed.
There's a medium little backpack and that's where I put all my charging supplies, I put my spectacles in there. Then you have the medium one, that's where I put my camera and that's where I put my laptop. So that is the other take away.
Right now we are going to meet with the green cross and they do weed delivery in San Francisco. Interesting thing about them is you can't really advertise online for that because there's regulations against that kind of stuff. At least, for right now, but you see a bunch of their, they have bus ad's.
So, people that say, oh you know, print doesn't work anymore or billboards don't work anymore, I think that's wrong. I think it just depends on the niche that you're in and, versus saying some kind of blanket statements or reading some kind of article saying, oh you know, it's all about advertising and where you can measure everything.
So, clearly for bus ads, like we saw multiple bus ads yesterday and today too for the green cross, and clearly it makes sense because that's where their demographic is. There's people hanging out for that kind of stuff, right?
Then I think the other thing that also is, and you know this is something I should tell the people at the agency as well is, you know don't discount the value of branding. I used to be of thinking that, learning online marketing initially, I was like, yeah you know the old stuff it's not measurable whatever, all this other stuff, there's [ROI 00:02:23] to it, it's easy to, easy for attribution, but the branding stuff help, right?
Like doing podcasts or speaking at things or you know running billboard ads, for example, all that kind of stuff, it works and there's a reason that companies do it, right?
It's not as measurable but it's, you're building that awareness and you just want to be top of mind, right? My friend wrote a book, his name's John Hall, called Top of Mind. How you're just, you're constantly producing content and not everybody's rated to buy from you all the time but the fact that you're constantly out there and you're educating people on something that you're good at.
That's what's powerful and that's how you continue to generate awareness. That's how people will reach out to you eventually. That's how, if you're constantly creating YouTube content or Podcast content or whatever, you're just constantly out there and you're out hustling other people, then you're going to get business no matter what.
That's how I see it. People respect that right, and even when you, when you're first starting out and you're reaching out to people initially, like you just keep hitting them over and over, they're going to start to respect you because it's the entrepreneurial people. They know what it's like starting out, when you're starting out. It's not easy and they respect the hustle at the end of the day.
So my point to all of this is try everything, not everything is off limits. Don't make blanket statements and you know, your mileage may vary based on everything. So even the stuff that I'm saying, you know, you should test against it. That's basically it, try everything.

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