4 key things you need to know about the future of SEO

What's next for SEO? In this video we talk about the top SEO trends for 2018 and go over search ranking strategies and SEO plans for business owners so that you can stay ahead of the curve....

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Speaker 1: In this video, we're going to talk about four things that you need to know about the future of SEO. The first thing that you need to understand in today's day and age, at least in 2017 to 2018, links still matter. The fundamental basis of what Google was built on, and Google still has most of the market share, links still matter. If you want to Google this to get a little more case studies, you can Google Eric Enge, do links still matter, and check out the case study there. I can tell you, we do a lot of link building internally for our clients as well. Links still very much matter because they are the signal for search engines to show what matters as well.
There's a lot of other things coming down the pipeline. I'm going to talk about the, well, I guess in point number four, what's kind of coming down the pipeline. You got to understand that at least in the near future, we're talking perhaps the next five years, 10 years or so, links are still going to matter very much so.
Point number two is Voice search. When you think about having an Alexa or a Google Home or whatever other, these in-home devices are coming, you're going to ask Alexa right. I'll ask Alexa for example, what does cornucopia mean? Alexa is only going to give me one answer, it's going to give me the best answer out there. Same things with Google Home. You got to figure out how you can optimize for voice search. The best way you can do that right now in today's day and age is to Google how to rank zero. You can also listen to the marketing school podcast that I do with Neil Patel. We talk about how you can rank zero. You got to think about how you can constantly optimize and make things easy for search engines, and then that way, a Google Home or Alexa can pull and make your number one, or your rank zero query, the number one result, and then you're going to rank that way on voice search. You only get one time to make it right.
Point number three. Neil and I on the podcast, we talk a lot about the importance of brand queries. If you can ... Neil is very much focused on building a brand. He's looking at his Google trends all the time. For me, I'm monitoring my brand through a tool like Buzzsumo. That's how I'm tracking brand queries. If you're like a Coca Cola for example, or even if you're Neil in the marketing space, you do have a big brand. Having a big brand is a signal to the search engines that you are doing well, you're doing something correct, and you're not just another ho-hum spammy looking website.
Point number four, and I think this is probably the most important point going forward, looking into 15, 20 years and beyond, AI is going to run a search. Google what rank brain is. It is one of the ranking factors right now. It's getting smarter and smarter. If you think about artificial intelligence, don't think about it being something really complex. AI, well let's just look at your calculator for example. Your calculator always does math better than you. AI is just a computer doing something much better than you.
Yeah, in the future, perhaps there will be general AI where these computers are actually smarter than human beings, they can do everything better than us. Maybe. Maybe that's probably, I don't know, 40, 50 years down the road. In general, AI, thinking about how search engines think about different queries, they think about different stories and how everything connects together, computers are getting faster and faster. You think about machine learning, which is a facet of AI. Because Google's invested so much into artificial intelligence and rank brain, it is going to become a bigger and bigger factor over time, and you need to understand that.
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