How to build retargeting ads that convert

Let's face it, if you're not using retargeting ads you're missing out on a huge opportunity. In this video we'll show you expert advertising tactics on how to write exciting ads that convert....

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Eric Siu: In this video, I'm going to show you how to build retargeting ads that convert. My name is Eric Siu, and if you want to learn how to grow your business, just keep watching these videos.
The first thing that you need to do when it comes to building your retargeting ads that convert, you need to focus on traffic temperatures. What does that mean? If you Google Digital Marketer Traffic Temperatures, you're going to learn what that means exactly. When we think about traffic temperatures, let's just look at this little chart over here. You have your hot traffic, you have your warm traffic and then you have your cold traffic. Cold traffic, these are just people that have never heard of you before, they've never engaged with you. Warm traffic, these are people that have visited your site before, they're on your email list perhaps, and then you have your hot traffic, these are people that have spent at least $1 with you, so they've taken out your credit card, they've done action with you.
You have to understand your traffic temperatures before you start to retarget because it depends on the type of offer that you're retargeting people with, right? If you are trying to send people to a webinar, you might need to send people to a webinar if they're on your email list because asking people to commit 30 minutes to an hour and a half on their time is a big commitment. Or if you're looking for people to download an eBook, maybe it's still people that have just visited your website so the people that are not necessarily on your email list but are they're on your website.
Now, in any one of offers is if you're trying to retarget people and you're trying to get them to buy something. Well, let's say you had an event last year; you're throwing another event. Well, these people that were at your event last year; maybe you have an email list of those people, you're going to retarget those people, give them a special discount to come to your event this year, so that's how you got to think about it. Number one, you got to think about traffic temperatures.
When we look at Facebook, you have to think about your audience size. Then, if your audience size is less than 10,000 people. For example, Single Grain, which is the agency that I run. Let's say I want to retarget people that only visited my services pages; maybe there's only a couple hundred of those each month. Well, I want to target those people with Daily Unique Reach. If you look at this, just type in Jon Loomer Daily Unique Reach. If you look at Facebook, you are optimizing to show your ad to one unique person in that audience every single day, so you're not showing it seven times, you're not showing it six times, you're not trying to piss them off, you just want to show it once. Your list is so small: 500 people, maybe you're only spending $10 a day or something like that; you want to reach every single person that's on that list because these people have already gone further down year funnel. You want to be strategic about your retargeting. You can't just blank it out. That's not how advertizing works; that's not how you're advertized to, that's not how you take action, right? That's number two.
Number three is you got to make sure that your offer is congruent with what they've seen. If you are running a Facebook ad, you have to make sure that your ad is congruent with the landing page people are landing on, right? Just to look at this example, if you Google Digital Marketer Ad-scent, you're going to be able to spot this out. If you look at this ad right here: the little box over here, it says, "Discover The Light Side Of Strong." You can see that it's an orange button and its baby blue background. When you actually click on it, the page that it goes to, guess what? It's the same kind of logo; it's the same kind of orange that you see and you see a baby blue background as well, so it looks very congruent. If you go down, you see 'GoToMeeting' right here. GoToMeeting is done on Facebook ad on the right rail side right here, and when they click it, it's the same kind of orange that people are seeing, so you got to make sure it's congruent.
If I show you an ad, for example, I'm telling you that you're going to get something on Facebook ads and you go to the page, it's completely off brand, it's completely different and I'm telling you you're going to get something on SEO, how are going to feel about that? You're going to feel like: A, you were lied to; B, you're not going to convert, so you who is in advertizing you're wasting money and then you're also pissing your user off, so then your relevance score is going down; you're going to get marked negatively. It's almost false advertizing, right? You have to make sure that your offer is congruent with what they've seen. You have to make sure that your offer is good. It doesn't matter how good your ads are, your offer has to be good no matter what.
The final thing I'll say is you got to make sure that you're trying different things all the time. What does that mean exactly? You have video, you have long form content, you have short form content as well. You got to make sure you're constantly trying new things.
What I would recommend is Googling AdExpresso Library, and then they have thousands of different examples: Instagram ads, Newsfeed ads, different industries and so on. Just look at what other people are doing and draw inspiration from them. You can also go in to Facebook as well. Look at the ads that out there. You can also click on the little carrot button, and when you click on that carrot button, you can see what other ads people are running towards what different audience and you're going to get different ideas that way. It's always about constantly testing and then drawing inspiration from other people, getting new ideas and then iterating over and over again.
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