The Top 5 SEO Tools To Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

If you're not sure which apps are good for SEO and you're stuck looking for the right SEO strategies for your business, this video will show you the top 5 SEO tools to help you boost your organic...

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Eric Siu: In this video, we're going to show you the top five SEO tools to help skyrocket your organic traffic. My name is Eric Siu. These videos are designed to help you grow your business. The first tool that you need to use, it's free, it's cool, if you're in SEO, it's Google Search Console. Let's take a look at my screen right here. With Google Search Console, there's a lot of different options. It can show me issues I have with my index, or crawl issues perhaps, and also looking at the Search Analytics section. Which shows me how certain pages are doing, how I'm ranking for certain keywords. It can also show me the sitemap that I have, are there any issues with my sitemap. It's just easy, right? It's very complementary to Google Analytics, if you have Google Analytics. I'm assuming most of you do. That way, you're able to look across the board how you're doing on the analytics front, and also from a search perspective too.
The cool thing is, you can actually sync those two together. You can get more benefit when you have GA and Google Search Console connected together. Now, the second tool is BuzzSumo. I really like BuzzSumo, because you have the ability to see ... Let's say I'm writing a post on content marketing. If I just type in content marketing right here, I can find the best content marketing posts, and I can decide if I want to emulate them, if I want to reach out to people that have shared similar content, people that have tweeted it. You can see all of it here. You can see right here total shares for certain pieces of content. It's all here. This one has 28,000. This is from my friend, Thomas, from FE International. You can just go down the list over here with BuzzSumo. Also, the other thing I like doing with BuzzSumo is the ability to monitor my brand. I can see competitor brands, I can see my brand, how many mentions are happening per day. That's what I care about. If you watch our other videos on SEO, we talk about the importance of brand inquiries.
The third tool is Ahrefs. Some people pronounce it Ahrefs, whatever you want to say exactly. Ahrefs is great, because the ability to see what keywords I'm ranking for, and what my competitors are ranking for. I can see their strategy, how things are working for them. I can also see my link velocity. Are we building a good amount of links every month? What links are coming in? I can also see the content gap between myself and competitors, what keywords they're ranking for that I'm not ranking for. What should I be going after? It could help inform my strategy. Also, they have a keyword difficulty tool, that shows you how many keywords, or how many links that you need to have to rank in the top 10 for a specific keyword. I find that really helpful. They have a rank tracking tool as well. They have a lot of different tools in there.
The fourth thing is SEMrush. SEMrush is a competitor to Ahrefs. But I like it because sometimes when it comes to a keyword perspective and how a site is doing, sometimes I like how SEMrush is laid out more, and I like cross-referencing the two tools. I have the luxury of being able to look at both of these. You can see when I type in content marketing, for example, with SEMrush we can see the top results. Ahrefs can do this as well. But, they also have some other tools in here like content template, they have SEO audit template that we use to collect leads on our website. You can see the trends over time for a certain keyword as well, and also related keywords. The user experience on SEMrush I would say is a little better than Ahrefs. Again, I like cross-referencing the two.
Now, the last but not least tool, this is tool number five. This is AuthorityLabs. AuthorityLabs allows you to track certain keywords that you're looking for. This is the best rank tracking tool that I know of. With AuthorityLabs, it's going to show you over time, over a six-month period, three-month period, or one-year period, how a certain keyword is trending for you. You can have different line graphs, it's going down, up into the right, whatever it is exactly. We use this to track for our clients, we use this to track our own keywords, and we can see how we're performing. Once you put the keywords in, then you're going to see over time how's that keyword actually gone up, or has it gone down.
The final thing I'll add around AuthorityLabs is the ability to look at other keywords that you have the potential to rank for. It has a Now Provided report. It will sink in with your analytics, and will show certain keywords that are on the upward trend. You can add those to your rank tracking, and you can decide whether you want to build content around that. That's going to help you rank even higher. Thanks going to help you get more traffic. These five tools are going to help you skyrocket your traffic. Let me know what you think in the comments. If you like videos like this, just hit subscribe, and we will see you in the next video.

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