How to Map Out Your Perfect Marketing Funnel

Need help building the perfect marketing funnel? Struggling to turn leads into customers? In this video, Eric Siu explains how you can map out your marketing funnel so that potential customers move smoothly from the top to the bottom. Watch on to hear great marketing and planning tips from a total funnel nerd.

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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video I'm going to show you how can map out your marketing funnel. My name is Eric Siu, I'm the co-host of the Marketing School Podcast and the host of the Growth Everywhere Podcast where we interview world class entrepreneurs every single week. And going back to Marketing School, we nerd out on marketing every single day. So let's jump into this.
In terms of your marketing funnel, I think it's very important that you figure out what a marketing funnel is. By the way, if you Google marketing funnel, I think we're probably the number two or number three result so you can learn what a marketing funnel is one on one.
And the idea behind a marketing funnel is your customer isn't always ready to buy immediately. In fact for us, our sale cycle is anywhere from two to six months, sometimes even longer than that because they're paying a higher dollar amount. They're not always ready to buy immediately, some are. Some are impulse buyers like myself, sometimes I just walk into a store and buy something even though I never intended to. But most people aren't.
So you've got to figure out how you can actually nurture the relationship. So A, make sure that you're collecting emails. You've got to be collecting emails first, you can use a tool like Optinmonster. Then you use a drip or a market automation tool. You can use something like Convertkit and just to make your life easier, you can use something more robust like Marketo.
What's important is, once you start things out, you've got to think about how you can continue to nurture people. So Frank Kern, who's a really good marketer, he talks about contingencies. So if people click on this or if they have downloaded five resources on SEO, they should be tagged with SEO and be sent a webinar on SEO and then after they watch the webinar they are sent a sequence on a product around SEO and there's an expiring sequence. That's how you can set up your marketing funnel.
It's really based on behavior. You're moving people around because people are sometimes interested in paid advertising. I'm just talking about in the context of marketing. But let's say you're selling flowers, for example. One day they might want daffodils, one day they might want roses, one day they might want I don't know what other flowers there are. But you've just got to make sure that you're moving people around based on what their interested in. And also based on the different holidays out there too.
What I like is for the Growth Everywhere podcast, I've done over 300 interviews, which is great because I have all this content. And these interviews, the content never ever expires because those stories never change. Because they're stories, they're in the past. So what I can do is because they help people, they provide marketing tips and entrepreneurial tips, I just keep dripping that content every single week. And in my funnel, because we publish content a lot, every single week we send them a new blog post that comes from the blog. So that's a blog to RSS feature that we have in our drip sequence.
The marketing funnel, in my opinion should never be ending. But you do want to make sure that there's some kind of ending when you're trying to sell them something. So you have to have some urgency there. It depends on what you're trying to do, but you should always be nurturing them. And then it depends on their buying cycle, it depends on the actions that they've taken, you might move them into another funnel for a period of time. And then over a seven day period, maybe you're putting them through an expiring sequence to buy something.
Make sure that you warm people up a little bit and then when they're hot, move them into something else, get them to take an action. And then move them back to nurture sequence and then when they're hot again, move them somewhere else. That's how you want to do it.
The final thing I want to recommend is read the book Dotcom Secrets from Russell Brunson. It gives you a lot of insight around funnels and what kind of funnels that you can be building, ascending people up, taking them down and things like that. So if you felt like you got the power ups from this video to take you to the next level, I'm curious on what you're going to do in the comments to actually level up. So if you enjoyed this video, hit subscribe and we'll see you in the next one.

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