How to scale a podcast to 1 million downloads

Podcasting is here to stay. In this video we explore some of the tools and strategies to grow your podcast from zero to one million and what makes the difference between a "success" and a "fizzle-o...

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Speaker 1: Today, we are going to talk about how you can scale a podcast to $1 million and beyond. If you like entrepreneurial and marketing content, just keep watching the video, and hopefully, subscribe. So, let's talk about it. A lot of people are talking about podcasts more and more, and the fact of the matter is, podcasting is great, because you get to have 100% of the listener's attention. For the most part. Unless you're really ADD like me, sometimes, you start to, sometimes, you start to think about other things.
With Growth Everywhere, which is my first podcast, I've been doing that one for over four years. We broke one million downloads, over four years, but the other podcast that I'm doing, Marketing School, we broke one million downloads in about four months or so, okay? And it's been about a year or so. I think we've broke about five, maybe 5.5 million downloads. So we've gone over the seven-figure mark, and these are some of the lessons that I want to talk to you about, in terms of, how you can actually get a podcast to that seven, bigger mark and beyond.
Because, if you're able to do so, you can make a lot of money advertising, pushing your own product, whatever it is. You're building an audience, and you're building the audience of people that like you. So here's how you can do it.
Number one. Make sure that you're consistent. You have to be consistent. It's like watching a TV show, right? You know when a TV show's going to pop up, your favorite show. Game of Thrones, for example, all the people that go crazy about Game of Thrones: "Oh, my God, it's Sunday. Game of Thrones!" Right?
So, you want to be consistent like that. Game of Thrones, you have to predictable. You can't just release one show, and then wait two months, and release another one, right? It doesn't like that. If you're going to do weekly, do weekly. If you're going to do daily, do daily, but the secret is being consistent. It's not really a secret at all, but, just, people don't want to put in the work, right? Number one: be consistent.
Number two. Make sure that you have a unique spin on what you're doing. So, what do I mean by that? So, for example, the Marketing School podcast that I do, I do it with my co-host, Neil [Patella 00:01:46], and it's both of us at the same time, and we do it every single day. That is a freaking grind. Most people aren't willing to do it every single day. That's going to set us apart, and the fact of the matter is, both, with his travel schedule mixed with one, it's a nightmare, and when it comes to planning ... but guess what? We make it happen. We don't cry about it, right?
So that's one way to go about it. That's a unique spin. John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur On Fire, does it every single day. The way he does it, he batches seven interviews on a Tuesday. Man, he's blasted, by the end of a Tuesday, but guess what? He gets it done. Doesn't cry about it, right? So, just think about a unique spin that you can put on it. There's so many different shows that I listen to out there, and I listen to them, because they have a unique spin, or the content that they're talking about is really unique.
So think about what you can do. It's not because people particularly like you. It's because they like the content that you're putting out. So I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but just think about how you can add value for the person. It's just like, the fact that you're watching this now, it's, what are you going to get out of it, right?
The audio quality makes a big difference, because it's just like, watching a video like this. Nowadays, people can get, can do good video, like, your camera can do a good job with video. People are getting these DSLRs. Video is table stakes for a platform like this, right? But look at this. I'm wearing a mike right now, because I know that not a lot of people are going to invest in having a good mike, good sound quality. You have that good sound quality, you're going to be above a ton of people.
Now, with podcasting, you should have good sound quality. Now, what I'll say is this. With growth everywhere, over the first four years, we half assed the sound quality, okay? We kind of just plugged in a Blue Yeti into a USB kind of plug, but now, we have a mixer, to make things sound better. Now, with Marketing School, as well, we ... Actually, last Saturday, we went into a recording studio. We cranked out 40 episodes, 8:30 to 12:30. My God, we just went through it. That's what it takes. You have to figure out how you can make yourself stand apart from other people, okay?
Promotion's really important, and here's a easy way to do it. When you are hosting your podcast, if you host it on the host that we host on, which is called Libsyn ... That's L-I-B-S-Y-N. Libsyn will allow you to publish to your Twitter, your YouTube, your LinkedIn, your SoundCloud, your YouTube at the same time. You get published to a bunch of your other channels at the same time.
I'll tell you, our YouTube channel, now we're starting to do videos, but the fact that we got to 4,000 subscribers, without really having much video content, it's because of the audio content that we kept pushing out, right? So that got us kick-started, and it's just good to be on different platforms out there. I'm sure you have followers on Twitter. I'm sure you have some on Facebook, as well. Make sure that you're pushing out there.
Now, the fifth tip that I'll give you, the fifth and final tip for right now is, make sure that you have some kind of show notes going on, too, right? Show notes are strong, because people can see what you're talking about. Don't be lazy about the show notes. In fact, when I did Growth Everywhere for the first year, I did all the show notes myself. Each podcast took me six hours. I went through it, right?
If you don't want to do it, you can hire show notes people. There's a ton of show notes people out there. I think there's a guy called the Show Notes Guy, right? So, if you want to invest the money, you don't have the time for it, pay for that time. That's the highest leverage thing that you can do.
So, those five things should help you, put you on the path to getting seven-figure downloads, and beyond. I certainly don't think I've done anything special, I think it's just because I stuck with these five rules that got me to one million downloads and beyond, and I think you can do it, too.
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