How to Build a Homepage with a Huge Conversion Rate

Stuck with a high bounce rate on your homepage? Need help getting people into your funnel? In this video, Eric Siu explains how to build a homepage with a huge conversion rate. Watch to learn about the best kinds of headlines, features, and accolades you should include to express your value clearly and win customers.


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Full Transcript of The Video

Speaker 1: In this video, I'm gonna show you what it takes to have a high-converting homepage, because we like stuff that converts. My name's Eric Siu. I'm the co-host of the Marketing School podcast, and the host of the Growth Everywhere podcast, where we interview entrepreneurs every single week. And the Marketing School one's where we nerd out on marketing every single day. So if you're crazy, you like this stuff, go listen. And let's jump into it.
So, taking a look at my screen over here, a high-converting site - the first thing that you need to take a look at is having a headline that actually makes sense. It makes sense, you instantly read it. Look at this one right here on AdBeat. "Instantly Uncover Any Advertiser's Online Strategy." Boom. Crystal clear. I understand it. I'm a dummy, don't make me think. Read that book by the way. It's a really good marketing book.
So I can see it right here, I just enter an advertiser's domain and then you can go ahead and hit the all to action. So the call to action's very clear. It contrasts. It's orange over here. And again, if you wanna learn how to write a great headline, Google "Copy Blogger magnetic headlines," and you're gonna get some ideas on how you can write a magnetic headline. Because David Ogilvy said that 80 cents on the dollar is spent already on the headline when people look at things. So it's really important to have a catchy headline. Same thing with your ads as well. Remember that.
Now, if you look at my podcast co-host here, Neil Patel, you can see, his homepage, it's asking me if I want to show notifications. So he's gonna notify me on whatever he's selling. Now, on this homepage over here, he has a website analyzer at the top. That's high-converting because he's trying to get people to, well, whatever his offer is. So you can analyze the website and it'll drive people to his offer.
His headline here is, "Do you want more traffic?" It's asking you a question, it's posing something to you. "Do you wat more traffic? Sales and leads." So the benefit if being conveyed, like, "You're gonna get more traffic." So it's crystal clear what you're gonna get. And again, there's a button over here where it says, "Analyze website." Analyze, analyze, that's the call to action over there. I'm really trying to drive that point home.
Now you can see over here, "Who is Neil Patel?" You can see he talks about the accolades that he has. He was named by President Obama being a top entrepreneur, named by the United Nations, as well. Entrepreneur Magazine. Just a lot of different accolades over here, so you could use testimonials, you could use company badges. His site is very simple. It's to the point.
If you go back to AdBeat over here, take a look at this, there's company badges that add credibility to the company - ALL, Salesforce, Desk, Credit Karma,, Amazon, all there. Well, when we go down here, you can see it's basically giving you the features as well for AdBeat. So features are great, but you start with the benefits first. That's more interesting. So that's how you have a high-converting page. And it's gotta be short, it's gotta be to the point. You can see, you can use it for free over here, and you've got lead forums. It just really drives the point home and it keeps being simple.
The other thing that you need to make sure that you do is make sure your page load speed is locked down. So you could use Google's page-load-speed tool and just see how your site is, compared versus others. They'll grade you on a scale of 0 to 100% or so, and you can see where you stack up. Make sure that your speed is good. Because Amazon actually did a calculation for every second that they add on or every millisecond, they lose millions of dollars. So you're not as big as Amazon, but you can see, if they've done the calculation, it's pretty important.
So if you enjoyed this video if you got the powerups, I wanna hear what you're gonna do with these powerups in the comments, so you can go level up. So, one more thing, if you actually enjoy this, go subscribe. And we'll see you tomorrow.

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