How to Increase Your Engagement on Social Media

Are you wondering how to get more engagement on your social posts? Are you struggling to get comments on your instagram or facebook content? In this video Eric Siu shares his top strategies to improve engagement fast on your social media accounts. We'll learn how to repost successfully and what tools you can use to maximize reposting, as well as how to find a social media pod to help you boost organic engagement.


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video, I'm going to show you how you can increase your engagement rates through social media. My name's Eric Siu. I am the host of the Growth Everywhere podcast, where I've interviewed over 300 entrepreneurs, and I'm the co-host of the daily Marketing School podcast where I nerd out on marketing every single day with my co-host Neil Patel.
So, engagement rates, it just means if you got 10 likes on a post that has reached 100 people then your engagement rate is 10%. You're looking to have a high engagement rate because that just means your content is good, people are resonating with it, and that means they like you more, they have a reason to follow you. So, the first thing you can do, you can make sure that you're not just posting something once, so for example, if you're posting a blog post to Facebook, for example you're not just posting once, you might be posting it multiple times. Now, with Instagram it might be a little different. You can't just post the same thing all the time. It just depends on the type of platform that you are on.
Sometimes you don't have the time to repost things all the time through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, for example. You can use a tool called Meet Edgar. The other thing you could do too is tag people. So, if you're posting in Instagram, if you're posting in Twitter, for example, tag the right people, and sometimes when I see myself tagged in something I'm going to go ahead an retweet it. I'm going to go ahead and engage with it as well. People like being tagged. You are on a social media network. People like engaging with each other all the time.
You can think about hashtags as well. You can google hashtags that perform really well socially. What I would suggest though is if you're posting to Instagram for example, put the hashtags in the first comment. That way it's not just all in the first thing which is just like a bunch of hashtags and you're just throwing it up out there. The other side of things too is you can post more engaging images. You don't necessarily need to be an artist. You can just use Canva. Canva is great. They're valued north of a billion dollars now. By the way, Melanie she is on the Growth Everywhere podcast, so check that out. Cadva is a tool that you can use to make nice engaging images, and you should be testing your images as well. If you're looking to grow your social engagement you have the opportunity to advertise on Facebook, on Pinterest, on Twitter, on Instagram. That's how you can drive your social engagement even higher. If people don't know who you are initially you can do that.
Also at the same time, you can do Shout for Shouts with other people. Let's say you're in the food industry, and there's food influencer out there, you guys want to do a collab, and they can shout you out on their page. They can tag you. You can do the same thing for them, and also at the same time you guys can create pods, which are looked down upon by the these social networks because pods help drive engagement with very similar people and they're all kind of upvoting at the same time. You're just building relationships with other people. You're getting a lot more engagement, and at the same time you're building relationships with these people.
I would recommend, I think long-term, just focus on creating relevant, helpful content for people. It's really easy for people to just say "Oh, create content. Create content." Just be helpful to people. Think how it can be useful. If you don't think it could be useful maybe don't create content, maybe go do something else. Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this. Let me know what you're going to do to level up after watching this video. Go ahead and hit subscribe, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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