How to sell anything with the power of brand – Vlog #10

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, claims the internet is "fast becoming a 'cesspool' where false information thrives” and it is only through branding that good content can rise to the top. In...

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Eric Siu: I actually haven't turned on the blog in a couple of days, but we're in London.
Leaving hotel and going back to a restaurant, Deliciously Ella, and I what I think is interesting, that restaurant, I actually found this girl a couple of years ago when I was interested in studying veganism and vegetarianism, I guess. And she's built herself a brand, which I talk about, being able to build yourself a brand first is powerful, because then you can sell whatever you want afterwards.
My point is once you build a brand, like Growth Everywhere, first two years I didn't sell anything, and then people started sending me emails asking when I would sell them stuff. And I thought that was interesting.
So this girl, she built herself a brand on YouTube, and on Instagram, has really good looking food, good pictures, good content.
By the way, adjusting to London, like having to look right first and then look left before crossing is kind of new.
We walked by this restaurant yesterday, and we saw across the street that she had a restaurant here, Deliciously Ella. She has soup, she was like cooking books, and all that kind of stuff. You just level up and the next step and on, and on, and on. If you want to listen in, Neil and I, we talk about the power of brand and how Google's Eric Schmidt talks about how there's a cesspool of crap and how brands are the ones that truly standout. That's what she was able to do, and I think that's powerful.
We are on our way now to speak to a group of startups. It's Incubator that's based in London, Paris and France. I did it earlier this week. I left on Thursday, landed on Friday. Then on Friday, I was on two hours of slept, went straight into the talk. Did the talk, spent about two hours there hanging out with startups. Yeah, I'm just making sure I don't die.
Guess where we're at? It's Berlin. Everything's things different because they're mobile [inaudible 00:02:53]. All the stuff I talked about during lunch, actually doesn't apply. [inaudible 00:02:58].

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