Facebook Video Re-sharers Lose Access to Certain Metrics

Video re-sharing is one of the greatest opportunities for creators to boost their distribution and reach a new audience. However, according to Facebook, the creators of these videos want to have more control over and access to their videos.

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Based on feedback gathered from creators and re-sharers, Facebook has tested new metrics and decided to revamp its video re-shares to ensure that the needs of both groups are met.

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Creators Want More Information

In a blog post, Facebook explained that creators have requested more information about the re-sharers of their videos. Also, since they put so much work into the videos, creators request that re-sharers don’t get the same privileges they have. Specifically, creators want certain metrics about their videos to be revealed only to them and not re-sharers.

At the same time, Facebook knows that re-sharers want to see the amount of engagement the videos get.

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Facebook’s Compromise for Video Re-sharers

Certain metrics will no longer be disclosed to re-sharers, including the retention graph, 30-second views, average watch time, and detailed breakdown of views. Only creators will be able to see all this information, as well as info about re-sharers and related metrics.

Re-sharers have access to aggregated demographics and the general location of their viewers. They’ll also get a graph detailing daily views and additional breakdowns.

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Re-sharing Bugs Are Fixed

Facebook also addressed two bugs that have been affecting re-sharers. First, on some re-shared videos, re-sharers were seeing zero value for the Video Average Watch Time. Second, when video re-sharers did receive data, it was incorrect.

However, starting in August, the above updates mean that these metrics will not be available for re-sharers. Facebook insisted that the two bugs only affected re-sharers and not creators and they didn’t have any effect on ads insights.

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