7 Tools To Help With Mobile CRO | Ep. #457

In Episode #457, Eric and Neil discuss 7 tools to help with mobile conversion rate optimization. Tune in to hear about the tools that Eric and Neil stand behind and will ensure that your mobile game is operating at its finest! 

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:27] – Today’s topic: 7 Tools To Help With Mobile CRO
  • 00:40 – First tool is Crazy Egg which is a heat-mapping tool that helps you dissect your data in a visual format
  • 01:01 – Second is Google Analytics on mobile which will help you increase your conversion rate
  • 01:23 – Third is an email capture tool like Bounce Exchange, Hello Bar, Sumo and OptinMonster
  • 01:45 – Fourth, survey tools like SurveyMonkey and Typeform
  • 02:03 – Fifth is BuiltWith, which is used to track your competitors’ marketing
  • 02:47 – Sixth is Optimizely that enables you to do A/B testing for mobile
  • 03:06 – Seventh is Google Page Speed—this makes sure your website loads fast
  • 03:29 – Marketing School is giving away 90-day FREE trial to Crazy Egg which is a visual analytics tool
  • [03:46] – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Tracking your data on mobile makes it easier to know where you stand 24/7.
  2. Email marketing is still one of the best strategies that you can use today; make sure you have an email capturing tool to help you.
  3. Your conversion rate drops when your website is slow—make sure it’s loading at its fastest speed.

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors, Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: And today we are going to talk about seven tools that help with Mobile CRO, which is conversion rate optimization. And guess what, Neil's going first.

Neil Patel: Yay. So seven tools only on my own. Crazy Egg. You can modify your website through the WYSIWYG Editor. You can even run an A/B test. You can see heat maps to where people are clicking, where they're not. You can see if they're scrolling too far down or if they're not, and they're even seeing your call-to-action buttons. But Crazy Egg helps you dissect your data in a visual format, and through it, you can even make design changes and run A/B tests.

Eric Siu: All right, and number two is Google Analytics. Duh, but here's the difference. Google Analytics, when you have it on your mobile device, it does show you insights for different stuff that you have going on. That will allow you to help you increase your conversion rates. So it's free to use. Get Google Analytics on your phone. You're going to see it's different. At least on iOS, I know it's different. I'm sure on Android, they're showing you the same insights.

Neil Patel: Yeah. Number three. Email capture tools, bounce exchange, hello bar, sumo, OptinMonster, they all work really well to help you collect more emails. The money's in the list. You guys have heard that before. It really is true. So, make sure you're collecting as many emails from your website because then you can drip those people and convert them into customers.

Eric Siu: Alright and number four. Guess what? These surveying tools also work on a mobile too. So, whether you want to use survey monkey, whether you want to use Wufoo, whether you want to use TypeForm, these all work so just use one of these survey tools. It's gonna help you increase your conversion rate because you get, guess what, the qualitative data that helps you make the right decisions for the long-term.

Neil Patel: Alright, number five. Built width. Built width shows you what your competitors are using for their marketing: all the technologies, the software, whether they're using like lead pages or whether they're using Optimizi or google analytics or specific CMSs. And once you figure out what technologies they're using, you can test out some of those technologies because a lot of these tools these days can impact your conversions, right? Just for example, like I mentioned, hello bar or sumo. If you can use those to impact your conversions, well with built width, you can also see what your competitors are using that you're not using.

Eric Siu: Yeah, and I'll take another one so in the CRO space, when it comes to A/B testing, I think Neil, you mentioned google experiments already, right?

Neil Patel: That's correct.

Eric Siu: Okay, so let's take the other one. You have Optimizi, which you're gonna pay a little more money for, or google experiments is free but Optimizi does have mobile dedicated A/B testing that you can do, which in some cases, might be more superior to google experiments. When I last saw it, it seemed like it was but don't quote me, that's just number six from me.

Neil Patel: Number seven: google page speed. Amazon says every second their website loads slower, they lose one percent of their revenue so make sure your website loads fast. It really does impact your conversions more than most things and people don't realize that but everyone's using mobile devices these days so make sure your website loads super fast cause then your conversions will go up.

Eric Siu: Alright, so before we go, we have a 90 day free trial of Crazy Egg. Hey, guess what? That's the first tool that Neil mentioned. So, if you want that trial: 90 days. It's worth up to $3,000 dollars. No credit card is required. It's available to each and everyone of you so it should be a no-brainer. So, just go to singlebrain.com/giveaway to learn more and we will see you tomorrow.

Speaker 1: This session of marketing school has come to a close. Be sure to subscribe for more daily marketing strategies and tactics to help you find the success you've always dreamed of. And don't forget to rate and review so we can continue to bring you the best daily content possible. We'll see you in class tomorrow, right here on marketing school.

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