How to Do Content Marketing if You’re in a Boring Industry | Ep. #483

In Episode #483, Eric and Neil discuss how to do content marketing if you’re in a boring industry. Tune in to learn how you can use other forms of content like video, make content that is either fun or useful, find out what is popular, and build a brand over time.

Time-stamped show notes:

  • [00:29] – Today’s topic: How to Do Content Marketing if You’re in a Boring Industry
  • [00:34] – Squatty Potty in 2015 did $20 million in sales on Shark Tank.
  • [00:58] – They spent $600,000 on a fun video with a unicorn pooping out rainbows.
  • [01:24] – Content marketing can be video too.
  • [01:29] – Use BuzzSumo to see what is popular. Education and helping other people is sexy.
  • [01:50] – Your content just has to be helpful and people will link back to you.
  • [02:03] – The Points Guy talks about credit cards and miles.
  • [02:26] – The only way to build a brand is to provide value to people.
  • [03:00] – How Neil couldn’t find a good article on how to install a bidet. Some people may think it is boring, but if the content is helpful you can do well.
  • [03:35] – Just look at How to Tie a Tie the number one result is very useful which is sexy at the moment.
  • [04:01] – Look at the opportunities and what is performing no matter what niche you are in.
  • [04:11] – That’s it for today!
  • [04:14] – Marketing School is giving away a 90-day FREE trial to Crazy Egg which is a visual analytics tool.
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Full Transcript of The Episode

Announcer: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors, Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu ...

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: ... and today we're going to talk about how to do content marketing if you're in a boring industry. So here, I'll throw one at you immediately. Think about Squatty Potty. Squatty Potty in 2015, had them on the Growth Everywhere podcast. They did about 20 million dollars in sales. They're on Shark Tank. Squatty Potty is a little, well, let's just call it a tool that you put under your toilet to help you poop better. It optimizes how you poo. So, not something that's fun to talk about, it's a boring industry, but hey, they made it work, they made a really nice video ad, they spent 600 thousand dollars on it, and from there, they made it funny, right?
They educated people in the video, it was really funny. It's a unicorn pooping out rainbow ice cream, showing how the product works, and that's how they made it fun, right? They made it creative, they made it educational at the same time. How can you meld, multiple things together? Multiple elements together, to make it interesting to a lot of people. So, content marketing, it's not just blog posts, it can be video too.

Neil Patel: Yeah, and just because it's boring to you, doesn't mean it's boring for other people. You can go to BuzzSumo, you can type in keywords within your space and you'll see what's popular. See, when people say, "Hey, I'm in a business or an industry that's not sexy," well, if you're educating and you're helping other people, that is sexy. Maybe not to you, but it is to other people. It's how you frame it. Your content doesn't have to be viral, your content just has to be helpful. The moment your content's helpful and educational, people will read it, they'll link back to you, they'll share it on the social network, you'll build up that brand loyalty and you can convert those visitors into customers.

Eric Siu: Yeah, look at sites out there, there's ones that do really well, right? You look at the point's guild, just talks about credit cards, travel, how to maximize your points, credit cards, things like that. So, that's not particularly sexy right? "Oh, let's go talk about credit cards and points." Nobody wants to talk about that right? Well, maybe some people do, but again, what Neil said, if you're being helpful to somebody, this is why you're doing content marketing, or you're educating, you're being helpful to somebody. The only way you're going to build a brand is if you're providing value to people right?
Just because you think it's boring right now, doesn't mean that you might not find it interesting later and at that very time, somebody else, they might be in a different chapter of their life, they might find it extremely interesting, that's why you want to make sure that you're doing your best when you're creating content.

Neil Patel: It was funny, years ago, I had bidets installed in my home. When I had bidets installed, I googled how to install a bidet. Now, the article that came up was, how stuff works and it just talked about what a bidet was. And I'm like, "This is a useless article." Now if someone ended up creating amazing articles on how to install a bidet, I would have never had to pay contractors and construction workers, I would have saved thousands of dollars, I would have loved that content.
Most people would have looked at that and been like, "Oh but that's boring, that's not sexy." Who cares? It's educational, it's helpful, people want it. If your content helps others and I can't emphasize this enough, you can do well.

Eric Siu: I think examples help a lot. It helps you visualize what the possibilities are. BuzzSumo's great. I talked about a couple of examples. If you google, how to tie a tie, the number one result, it's very simple right? Often times, when I go to the event's I forget how to tie ties, and I have an app on my phone sometimes as well, but I'll just end up googling how to tie a tie. It's become really sexy to me at the moment. I'm going to use it. It's really helpful for me. That's an example of good content marketing. Again, you are being helpful to someone.
Whatever industry you're in, like Neil mentioned, look for the opportunities, look at the BuzzSumo's out there, look at the YouTube's out there, just look at what's actually performing better than all the other stuff, then you can start to build ideas off of that. Neil?

Neil Patel: Nothing else from my end.

Eric Siu: Great. So that's it for now, but before we go, we have a 90 day free trial of Crazyegg, which is a heat mapping analytics tool, to give away to each and every one of you. Just go to to learn more. Also, basically, you can also learn how you can win a one year annual subscription to Crazyegg as well. With that being said, we will see you tomorrow.

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