How to be Insta-Famous Without Taking Off Your Clothes | Ep. #529

In episode #529, Eric and Neil discuss strategies for becoming “Instagram Famous.” Tune in to her great tips on building relationships, growing your following, and attracting Likes.

Time-Stamped Show Notes: 

  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: How to be Insta-Famous Without Taking Off Your Clothes
  • [00:37] Everyone on Instagram is either a celebrity or rich. The majority of the Insta-famous people are basically half-naked attractive people.
  • [01:28] Eric follows Founder Magazine, because he likes their content and he believes they are adding value to his life. Tai Lopez is another account that Eric thinks ads value.
  • [02:43] The more emotional content you use, the more engagement you will get.
  • [03:13] If people don’t connect with you or your images, you won’t gain followers.
  • [03:29] Engage with other users and respond to comments on your page as well as on other account pages.
  • [03:57] Instagram tracks followers and likes; if the ratio is off, you won’t get promoted on the app.
  • [05:10] Think about who you can build a relationship with via social media. This will help you grow your engagement and add followers.
  • [05:45] You have to be able to tell a story in order to draw people in.
  • [06:31] Partnerships with other users (photos, contests, etc.) will help you gain followers
  • [07:02] If your content is truly amazing, it will get discovered. You always have to “one-up” people.
  • [07:53] That’s it for today!
  • [07:55] Go to if you want to get in on a special giveaway opportunity!

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with instructors Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I am Eric Siu.

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: And today we are gonna talk about how to be Insta-famous without taking off your clothes. So Neil, what does this mean? What does this taking off your clothes thing mean? Please explain it.

Neil Patel: Yeah. If you look at most people on Instagram right now, they're either a celebrity and if you're listening to this you're probably not celebrity, or they're rich, and they just spend ton of money on ads, right? And unless you're giving away free cars and tons of money every single week, that's not really possible. But majority of the people that are famous who aren't well known first, and that why we call Insta-famous in which they are just famous mainly on Instagram, they take of their clothes.
Whether it's guys or girls, right? Both of them are pretty much half naked or showing pictures of partying, and you know what? That's how they got all their followers. And I was hanging out with someone the other day, and she had over eight million followers I'm like, "How did you get all those followers?" And she's like, "The less clothes I wear, the more followers I get the more likes and comments." And I was like that was her strategy. She knew what she was getting into, and she was comfortable with that.

Eric Siu: Yeah. Let's take a look at some Insta-famous people that we follow, right? So, I follow Founder Magazine. Founder Magazine, they do great interviews with different founders. They have a digital magazine with Richard Branson and things like that. So, they'll post some stories sometimes, they'll post some ... I like the motivational quotes and things like that. And then for the most part though, the reason I engage with them, is because I like the quotes that I get from them. I also like some of the stuff that they share sometimes around the magazines or new podcast episodes, 'cause I get value from those right?
Even if I get that one quote that just kind of inspires me to think about different things, that's value, right? Or when I get pointed to different direction of a podcast I wanna listen to. That value to me, right? So, to me they're Insta-famous 'cause they're adding value to my life, or when I see people can clown on the Tai Lopez of the world, but I get value from looking at his stuff because I like how hard he works, and what he does is effective at the and of the day, so that's my value. I respect the models that make things work for them, but for me it's like I need to get some kind of value, so I can help deliver more value to my audience.

Neil Patel: One thing that I've noticed is, it doesn't matter who you are. The more emotional content you pit out there on Instagram, whether it's videos, or whether it's pictures, you're gonna get way more engagement. Just doing the basic stuff everyone else is doing isn't gonna make you Insta-famous. You'll notice, yes, some of those people are famous from doing it, but they've been doing that a long time ago. You're trying to be famous now once Instagram's more competitive and their algorithms are so much more strict, in which your photos aren't spreading as viral as they used to. You have to use emotion. If people don't connect with you and the images, or the videos that you're putting across, you're not gonna be Insta-famous.
It's not just about putting out emotional content, it's about being honest and transparent with everything you're doing. It's like if you really wanna connect with people, emotion is one thing, but respond to their comments. If someone's leaving comments on your page, why wouldn't you respond back to them. It's so rude when someone asks for help and not to respond back to them, right? And it's not just about engaging on your page, why not go out there on all the other pages within your space and engage and help them out?
By doing that, you'll see that people will be like, "Oh my God, Eric's amazing or Neil's amazing. Let me go and follow him." The more followers you get within your space, the more likely you are to be Insta-famous. And here's why I say within your space. If you go out there, and you comment on all these half naked girls or guys pages or pictures, you're gonna get followers, but they're gonna be irrelevant. Instagram's gonna look at how many likes you're getting and how much engagement you're getting, for how many followers you have. If the ratio isn't that good, your photo won't go viral. You're much better of having 10,000 followers and having 1,000 likes on a photo that are real and hundreds of comments, versus having 100,000 followers, and only having 1,000 likes. Which one do you think Instagram is much more likely to spread viral? It's the one that has 10,000 followers and 1,000 likes. So like "Ratio wise, this one's crushing it. We should show it on the discovery pages and show it to more people."

Eric Siu: Yeah. When Neil's talking about engagement right now, how do you get your engagement up? You think about people that have these engagement pods where people are kind of liking each other's stiff and helping them grow, or shout for shouts where power accounts are kind of promoting other accounts and they're all following each other mutually. These are all the Instagram hacks that I believe some of it's probably getting cracked down on, but they still work right now, right? So, think about who you can build a relationship with where, here's the thing, if you're first starting out, let's say you have like 1,000 followers or something like that, you can't just say you wanna work with somebody that has 100,000 followers and just collab, unless you pay them. Which you certainly can in Instagram, but you probably wanna work with somebody that has two to 3,000 followers and you start to build an engagement group or a pod. That way, you start to help each other out, right.
Certainly, there is other cervices you can already pay for where they already have these things established to help you get to that level of engagement. But yeah, there is these hacks I'm talking about right now, but eluding to what Neil was talking about, you have to build some kind of emotion. And you have to be able to tell a story through Instagram. We talked about story telling all the time, you can do that with pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words.
When we look at food Instagrams out there, it's 'cause the food pictures are really well done and it's in a really beautiful area. Or when you look at, I think it's Murad Osmann or Mirad Osmann. That's the guy that has the picture where his wife is always holding his hand, and they're going to somewhere amazing. But the picture is really well done it tells a beautiful story of the place where they're at, and it evokes emotion in people 'cause everyone wants to travel, and it's something that everyone can follow, and he's got his own unique spin on it. So, that's how he became Insta-famous, and that's how he gets to travel all over the world all the time. That's how you become Insta-famous.

Neil Patel: Yeah. You can so do partnerships with other people. So, if someone has similar amount of follower account, you guys can do things together where you're doing contest, and you're promoting off of each others pages and that will help you get their followers, and you'll get your followers, right? So, it creates a win win situation. You can do things like where both of you like hey you do a picture with them, and you'll be like tag X, Y, and Z who should participate, and they'll win A, B, and C.
Those strategies work really well. The last piece of advice on my end is, I know many of you guys are gonna be like, "My content's amazing, I'm getting no followers, no one's liking my stuff or commenting." That's because you think your content's amazing but other people don't. If your content is really amazing, it will get discovered, people will like it, don't just do what everyone else is doing or what's working for everyone else, you have to one amp up, you have to do something even better. More emotional, something more awesome than everyone wants to talk about.
I'm not trying to be rude by saying you suck at content creation, it's a process. Even I put out content that's not great and that's mediocre. Eric does the same as well. We continue to improve. Look at our podcast quality. In mid 2017 to late 2017 the quality wasn't as good. You look from December, and past in 2017 and then 2018 and beyond, you've noticed our content quality's gone better. Why? Because we care. It's all a learning experience.

Eric Siu: Great. So, with that being said, check out our give away. Go to to learn more about it. We'll see you tomorrow.

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