Standing Out on LinkedIn: Profile Tips, Ads & Founder Insights

LinkedIn is a key platform for marketing and networking today. It’s a place where professionals from all over the world meet, making it both busy and a great place for visibility.

The main challenge is getting attention in a space full of talented individuals. This requires a well-optimized LinkedIn profile, creative ads, and real stories from founders to truly make an impact and connect with your audience.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can accomplish these three things and provide actionable tips for making your LinkedIn standout.

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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re a founder or marketer, having a great LinkedIn profile is key to your success. It’s more than a résumé; it’s where you share your unique story, show off your successes, and meet others in your field.

Of course, LinkedIn is also the most popular platform B2B lead generation, and there’s no better channel for driving quality leads:

Statistics about linkedin

A good profile not only catches the eye but also helps you seem trustworthy and reliable in your network. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your online shop window. Just like a well-arranged window attracts more shoppers, a well-made profile will get you more connections.

From a professional picture to an engaging summary, every part of your profile should show who you are professionally and what you stand for:

LinkedIn profile photo tips

Below are some tips to make your LinkedIn profile better:

  • Pick a professional picture that shows who you are in your field. Use a high-resolution image that’s 400 x 400 px and make sure that your face is at least 65% of the image.
  • Write an engaging summary that shows off your achievements, skills, and what makes you different.
  • Show endorsements and recommendations to add credibility.
  • Make your profile URL simple and professional.
  • Use important keywords in your profile to help people find you easier.

Key Takeaway: Having a well-made LinkedIn profile is vital for making good connections and standing out online.

Leveraging LinkedIn Ad Creatives

Ads on LinkedIn have the potential to reach just over 16% of the world’s online population. It’s reach isn’t as vast as Google or Facebook, but it’s still significant:

LinkedIn Advertising Audience Overview

Exploring LinkedIn ad creatives can open new ways to reach your target audience. With the right ad, you can directly show your value to the professionals most interested in what you offer. This precise targeting makes LinkedIn ads effective and a good investment.

Creating engaging ad content is about more than catching attention; it’s about keeping it long enough to share a clear message. Your ads should clearly show what makes your offer special and why the viewer should care.

Adding strong calls to action (CTAs) encourages quick responses, moving viewers closer to your business goals.

Below are some actionable tips to make the most of your LinkedIn ad creatives:

  • Be clear about your value proposition in your ad copy to ensure your audience understands what you offer.
  • Use high-quality images or videos to grab attention and deliver your message more effectively.
  • Try different ad formats to discover what works best for your audience. Whether it’s sponsored content, InMail, or text ads, each type has its benefits.
  • Use A/B testing with your ads to improve messaging, visuals, and CTAs based on actual performance data.

Key Takeaway: When done well, LinkedIn ad creatives can greatly improve your visibility and engagement on the platform.

The Importance of Founder Involvement in Pitches

When founders are involved in LinkedIn pitches, their effectiveness can greatly increase. It’s unsurprising that LinkedIn is popular among founders, with an estimated 97% of Fortune 500 CEOs having profiles on the platform.

Business leaders know sharing personal stories, milestones, and insights adds authenticity and depth to the pitch, and this personal touch is crucial in a platform full of professionals and marketers:

Eric Siu's biggest mistake in buying a marketing agency

But how can founders stay involved without overdoing it? The key is to find the right balance. Founders can keep their pitches personal and impactful by engaging selectively and using their teams’ strengths, without overextending themselves.

To help founders get the most from their LinkedIn pitches, here are some useful tips:

  • Use video to directly share your passion and vision with your audience.
  • Tell stories that reveal the human side of your business journey, making your pitch more engaging.
  • Choose to engage in conversations where your expertise or unique value shines.
  • Work with your team to keep your messaging consistent while highlighting your personal voice.

Key Takeaway: Founder involvement adds a unique authenticity to LinkedIn pitches, helping them stand out in a crowded market.

Final Word on Standing Out on LinkedIn

To stand out on LinkedIn today, you need a mix of personal branding, creative advertising, and real storytelling. Having a profile that’s fully set up, using ads creatively, and adding a personal touch when you reach out are important for making a lasting impression.

Try out these methods with an open mind and be ready to change based on what works. By keeping an eye on the feedback and results, you’ll find out what your audience likes and make a unique place for your brand on LinkedIn.

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