Keyword Fragments to Improve Your SEO

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If you’ve worked in the SEO world for long enough, you’ll hear the phrase “naturally diversify your anchor text” more times than you can stand. Even if that’s the case, you hear it for a reason – doing so is very important to the health of your SEO campaign.

The good thing about anchor text is that you can manipulate it in a such a way that it will both provide a natural link profile, and also provide additional traffic through the search engines.

For the SEO optimized anchor text profile, you can equate it to something like Vitamin Water. Yeah, it’s good for you, but it was still a prepackaged equation thrown together by scientists in a factory. We can do that too, and by doing that, we maximize all those awesome clickthroughs we get to our site.

By doing keyword research, I’m assuming that you’ve established head keywords for your website. These get good volume and you constantly check their rankings because of that. Within these high volume terms, there are always “keyword splinters” (also “keyword fragments”) or other, less searched for variations of the head term. These vary depending on the keyword, but they always exist. These less-searched for terms nonetheless have some real volume and consumer intent to find your website, even if the relevancy isn’t a one-to-one match.

We can use keyword research tools to find these keyword splinters.  I particularly like Keyword Discovery, which will show you up to 100 keyword iterations of your short keyword search. Using the example “cheap flights”, one of the higher volume search terms in the travel space, we can see, even in the first ten results, four targeted queries we could use to mix up our cheap flights anchor text.

Cheap air flights, cheap flights airline, cheap airline flights, and cheap international flights are all very applicable for a page that is generally optimized for “cheap flights”. By mixing up our anchor text with the highest volume keyword splinters, rather than miscellaneous terms, we maximize our traffic potential while also maintaining a diverse anchor text profile the search engines love.

Depending on your niche, it may be difficult to uncover keyword splinters if the search volume is already low. Here, input yourself into the mind of the searcher and mix up anchor text with terms that properly match user intent.

If you use this methodology when mixing up your anchor text, you will see strong increases in your traffic gains, and a positive overall boost to your SEO campaign.

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