Three Elements to Successful Keyword Research

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Whether you are looking to market your site through paid search or organic search, you need to have a quality list of keywords and search phrases to target. Getting that data seems easy enough provided that you either hire a professional, or rely on leading tools like Wordtracker or KeywordDiscovery.

Behind the scenes though, there are three primary elements to every keyword research session. Here they are, in no particular order…

Search Volume
A complete no brainer, right? Wrong! Many companies, managers, and firms all have this uncanny taste for ego searches. In the end though, all the rankings or campaigns in the world won't help your site to become more productive if no one is out there searching for them in the first place.

And this is why you need to know the volume. It's increasingly important to rank your targeted terms based on their volume. The more there's a search audience, the more traffic and hopefully business you'll get!

If you can dominate a search term market, do it and do it now. Do not hesitate. The trouble with many markets these days though is that they are all over saturated and littered with sites that have little to now long term value. That's where you come in. Use your creative judgment to find competitors in the space and exploit holes in
their campaigns. Using these holes you can and should be able to compete less – and produce more.

Relevance to Your Site
Targeting new cars on a web site that sells office supplies is completely pointless. And while that's an obvious statement to make, many SEOs out there are willing to cut corners and stretch things a bit for the sake of generating more traffic. It's not worth doing, and you should really be able to generate quality content that speaks relevantly and directly to your audience. If not, go back to the tools and get some new search terms in view!

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