Making a Power Account on StumbleUpon

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The Basics

  • Make a Great Profile Page- You profile page is going to be looked at a lot. Make it exciting, enticing and friendly.
  • Make Friends – 200 is your limit, but you need friends to do well. Work hard to network and make friends.
  • Stumble – You need to Stumble to do well. To Stumble you need the StumbleUpon Toolbar. Stumble the articles, blogs and web sites you like. It is great to discover a new site, which means you are the first to Stumble that page. You want to Stumble quality material; humor, lists and how-to articles are great. You can also use the Stumble button on your toolbar and it will take you to sites you are interested in; Stumble these.
  • Review Other Stumblers – When you give a Stumbler a review they often return the favor and review you. You need these reviews for traffic and a good Stumbler reputation.
  • Join Groups – There are groups discussing every subject. Find some groups in your niche and join. Try to make friends. You can also create your own group and attract a lot of traffic.
  • Don't Spam – You don't want to build a bad reputation.
  • Import Your Contacts From Email Accounts – When you import your contacts Stumble looks to see if they are using StumbleUpon. You instantly gain friends and can begin networking more effectively.

To Attract and Maintain Traffic

If you want traffic to keep coming to your site you need to offer a quality site or blog:

  • Stumble your own site, but be selective
  • Brand your site or blog- make it memorable
  • Provide quality content
  • Offer email and feed subscriptions in a highly visible place
  • Always respond to comments
  • Thank those that Stumbled you
  • Don't use tags that only a few people will search for; use tags that will attract large numbers
  • Offer a different perspective
  • Have a contest
  • Offer your subscribers something
  • Ask questions people will want to answer
  • Create exciting an enticing titles to your posts/articles
  • Create a blogging network where you and your network can support one another
  • Discuss money – make money, save money, win money – everyone likes wants to know how to obtain money
  • Link to your StumbleUpon profile page from blogs, MySpace, Facebook etc.
  • Promote StumbleUpon
  • Visit Buzz Section of Stumble Upon and notice the tags that are getting the most traffic. Use those and check back often.
  • Be friendly and have a sense of humor

To have a power account on StumbleUpon you need to Stumble correctly and provide high-quality content that appeals to readers.

Have any tips, tricks or techniques to add, feel free comment or email us (sj at singlegrain dot com) and let us know.

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