20 List-Making Tools to Make Life Easier

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There are a lot of things to keep track of. Appointments, goals, tasks – just hearing those words makes your head start spinning, doesn't it?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was one place to turn, no matter where you were, where you could jot down whatever you were thinking of to make sure it didn't get forgotten, and then get some direction when you needed to know what to work on next?

Presenting – lists. Not a new concept – but now you can have one that syncs with you, online or on your phone. You could even share lists with others in your organization or family! Here are 20 list-making tools for you to use:

  1. Vitalist – Shaped by the Getting Things Done philosophy, tasks are grouped into contexts and projects, and you can collaborate with other Vitalist users.
  2. Voo2do – Emphasizes tasks instead of lists, groups tasks into projects, and gives time estimates.
  3. Nozbe – Organize tasks by projects, “contexts” (home, office, etc.), use for teams with a message center – integrates with iPad and iPhone, Evernote, Twitter, and iGoogle.
  4. Toodledo – Features a range of settings, including e-mail and SMS reminders, auto-create a schedule, and an array of organizational options.
  5. Todoist – Good integration, including a browser extension, and organizational abilities. Or, for team collaboration, use Wedoist, the companion online project management tool.
  6. Ta-da Lists – Create a variety of basic lists from 37Signals. See the sister app, Backpack, for an information organizer great for small businesses or personal use.
  7. TeuxDeux – A “simple, designy” to-do app both on the web and the iPhone – a collaboration between studiomates swissmiss and Fictive Kin.
  8. Remember the Milk – Store notes and tags attached to tasks, locate tasks on the map and calendar, and get reminded via SMS or IM clients. Also integrates with its iPhone and Android apps.
  9. Listigator – Create lists in categories, including sharing options, and allows for collaboration.
  10. Doominow – A simple list app designed to stay out of your way with basic features and a nice design.
  11. wridea – Write down ideas, share them with friends, and get help brainstorming.
  12. FlexLists – Create simple databases and lists for inventories, to-dos, wishes, issue tracking, and more. Export to Excel or read via RSS.
  13. Lino – The most visual solution: an online corkboard where you can put up photos and sticky notes. Share with others, and get e-mail reminders if you set due dates.
  14. Todo List – Very basic iPhone app without online integration.
  15. ToDo's List – iPhone + iPad app
  16. ToDo List Matrix – BlackBerry app for task management. Syncs with Outlook, Lotus Notes, and more.
  17. QuickList – Free list maker for Android – colorcoded tasks and grouping, but no online application.
  18. TooDo – Basic Andoid app, which can integrate lists from Remember the Milk and Toodledo.
  19. ListPhile – Mostly for fun – create social lists and atlases, as well as your own database of information.
  20. List After List – More collaborative lists, for fun and usefulness.

Whichever you decide to use, keep all your tasks ready to be worked on with these list-making tools! Are there any that you recommend or hate? Let us know!

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