12 iPhone and Android Apps for Marketers

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As an internet marketer, your business is always on, all the time — both the best and the worst thing about the internet! But if you want (or need) to stay on top of things while you're on the go, a smartphone app will probably meet your needs a lot faster than a browser window. Don't forget – if you're in the office with WiFi and an iPod Touch or an iPad, the apps will work for you, too.

Check out analytics, take notes, tweak documents, and exchange contact information – all from the comfort of your phone!


1. SEO Stats (Android)
Want to check up on your latest SEO campaign? With one tap, you can get all your analytics information from Google Analytics and other services, including social media.

2. Droid Analytics (Android)
If you just want to keep up with Google Analytics, this smooth, uncluttered interface is a great one for checking out your analytics without your desktop.

3. Quicklytics (iPhone, iPad)
Great way to sync with your Google Analytics account on the go, with a smooth, intuitive interface. Because there's no bad place to look at your analytics!

4. Analytics Pro (iPhone, iPad)
Another way to keep tabs on Google Analytics, with good reviews on the Apple store. Also seems to have a nice, simple interface – check out the screenshots to decide which one is right for you.

5. SEM Calculator (iPhone)
Great for calculating CPA to CPC to PPC to any other alphabet soup combination you can think of! Especially good if you're on the go buying or selling online media or ad space.


6. Evernote (iPhone, iPad, Android)
When you want to have a notebook with you everywhere you go, get Evernote. Take notes, record voice, and take pictures on your phone – and then view them on your computer! Or vice versa. No  matter what's on your mind that you need to jot down right away, you can know that you'll always find it later.

7. Dragon Dictation (iPhone, iPad)
The Dragon Naturally Speaking desktop application is widely known as one of the best speech-to-text programs around. Now it shows its mobile side with an excellent free app that records your speech and turns it into text, even learning from what you correct. A great way to take notes or send e-mails on the go.


8. Documents to Go (Android)
If you're needing to fix the facts on one of your Microsoft Office or pdf documents, do it right away with Documents to Go.

9. Google Docs (Android)
Google docs is another great way to edit your documents on the go – and many Android phones come pre-installed with this app.

10. Instapaper (iPhone)
If you can't keep up with your online reading, you can save blog posts, RSS feeds, news articles, and more, so that you can read them later somewhere else, even without an internet connection. Stay up-to-date more easily than ever!

11. AndFTP (Android)
Get files on and off of your remote server using this app. You never know when you're going to have an urgent problem with one of your pages!


12. Bump (iPhone, Android)
You never know when you're going to run into someone, and if you're going to need to follow up later! Instead of exchanging business cards, just bump your contact information right over, and get someone else's. Especially critical if you're going to a conference – even if you won't use this app all the time, someone will want to get your contact info from you.

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