10 Must-Have Facebook Apps for the Financially Disabled

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Whether you're horrible at managing your finances or you just don't have any money to manage, these Facebook applications are probably for you. Who new that a social networking community could not only make you money but stabilize the process at the same time. Thank you Facebook!

Pay Me This handy little app allows all of your friends to securely send you money through PayPal's payment service. Maybe your selling something or maybe people just feel like your a good cause, either way this app will get the money in the bank.

BillTrack Bill Reminder Use this application to manage all of your bills such as rent, internet, gas, cellphone or any others right from your Facebook profile.

Make Money-Cash for Free Get free cash in exchange for completing surveys and other free activities. There is no purchase or credit card required, just sign-up and make some money.

Cash Cliques Get paid for clicking on ads and referring friends that click as well. This app also gives out random cash prizes just for using it.

Stocks Have you considered investing in the stock market? This little application the Forbes.com stock app keeps you up to date on the companies your interested in investing in.

JunkYard – Sell your old stuff to the Facebook community and make some extra dough. Everyone got some sort of junk laying around, so just get rid of it and earn some spending cash.

Debt Manager Anybody owe you money? Don't forget and let that debt go unpaid. This app allows you to easily add all of those unpaid debts as a reminder to collect.

Lending Club Don't run up your credit cards with those high interest rates. Lending club allows you to borrow money from other members in the Facebook community at low interest rates.

Dneero Get paid to take social surveys. You will get paid via Paypal when your account hits $25 dollars or more.

Online Coupons Obviously we all have to make a purchase at some point in time, but that doesn't mean we can't get a good deal while we are doing it. This Facebook application lists a bunch of money saving coupons for your favorite stores.

Leave your comments and let me know if any of these have helped you financially. Or maybe you have some great apps you use, so share them with everyone!

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