The 90 second guide to understanding blockchain marketing

So you want to grow your blockchain business but not sure how to market emerging tech? In this blockchain tutorial Eric Siu shares his insights on how to market blockchain with a holistic approach, expanding on the standard white pages and press sheets. Learn breakthrough marketing and blockchain secrets FAST in this 90 second best guide to blockchain and digital marketing.

Read on to find out what exactly blockchain is and how it’s being applied to marketing (with some real-life examples) In this in depth article from Eric:


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video, we're going to talk about the guide to marketing in your blockchain company in less than 90 seconds. First and foremost, how do you market your blockchain company? You started something around the blockchain, and you're looking to build something up. So the problem right now with the blockchain marketing, at least in 2017, 2018, is that everybody right now is just doing PR and white papers, and they're trying to push their ICOs, their initial coin offerings, and they're trying to raise hundreds of millions of dollars or millions of dollars. But the problem right now is, it's very similar to the dot com era where things are just kind of all over the place, right? YOu're not sure what's going.
PR and white papers are great, but that's not the only way. What you need to do when you think about marketing your blockchain company is to take a full-funnel approach, just like you would in customer acquisition. Customer acquisition, how you typically think about it, let's look at a technology start-up for example. Right, so if we work with the Ubers and the Amazons of the world, what they do is they think of everything holistically. So what do you do to bring people in. What kind of content are you generating. Is it video content, podcasts, blog posts. That's your foundation. Your foundation is set, and then what do you do afterwards. You're trying to collect emails as well. You're collecting emails, and you're taking people into your funnel, you're nurturing them as well. You're telling them a story, and also at the same time, when people are visiting your site, let's say you don't have any traffic yet, you're running traffic towards there, you're getting people engaged with your content so they fall into your world. You have your foundational pieces, you drive paid traffic in, people that visit your website also become on your email list as well, and then you have this whole ecosystem where you can market to these people.
PR and white papers aren't the only way. You have to think of approaching marketing holistically, and that's how you win. You have to make sure that the people you're working with are also credible as well. So there's a bunch of other things we could talk about, but just think about this. Full-funnel approach, not just PR, not just white papers, not just ICOs, right? And if you're more interested in videos around blockchain marketing, and you want to get better around that, just subscribe, and we'll see you in the next link.

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