4 Ways to Speed Up Your Keyword Research (SEO Techniques 2018)

Finding the best tools for keyword research doesn't have to be hard, or expensive! Ubersuggest keywords make keyword research fast and free, as well as using Google trends. You can also get a long tail keyword research tool right insight of Google search.There are so many SEO techniques that you can start exercising today without even spending money to get your SEO strategy working for you FAST.

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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video I'm going to give you four ways to speed up your key word research to help you skyrocket your traffic. So, my name's Eric Siu. I'm the co-host of Marketing School and the host of the Growth Everywhere podcast. So, let's dive right into it.
So, we're looking at my screen right now and you can see Neil's face in the favicon right here. This is Neil Patel's Ubersuggest. It used to be Ubersuggest but he decided that he just wanted to buy it, so he bought it. And if you look at Ubersuggest what we can do is we can just type in, let's say I want to rank for online marketing for example, let's type in online marketing, let's take a look at it. And here it is, online marketing. 995 keyword ideas found for online marketing. So, ad agencies, ad agency, ads, internet marketing, advertising campaign ... it's all here. It's free to use, he bought it, thank him for buying it, thank him for making it free. So, you can actually export it to CSV as well. God bless.
So, next thing is we look at online marketing ... oh guess who is ranking number one for online marketing, I guess this whole episode's about Neil Patel. But the first result is NeilPatel.com and the second results is QuickSprout.com those are both his websites. But I don't really care about that, sorry Neil.
I care more about the people also ask, you see this box over here you can see there are four questions. So, what is an online marketer? How do I get into online marketing? What does online marketing include? What are the different types of online marketing? These are the top questions that Google has seen. So, if you don't think those are going to help you get ideas for keywords, well you're not at a complete loss, you definitely can get some keywords there, but I like looking at those to at least get some ideas.
But let's say you're lazy. So, you know you're lazy, you can scroll down to the bottom over here, searches related to online marketing. Scroll to the bottom, internet marketing examples, online marketing sites, online marketing pdf, how to do online marketing, it's all there.
The other thing is you can use Google Trends too. Google Trends gives you a good idea of where things are at in terms of well, trends. So, if I just type in online marketing for example, it shows you the trend for the keyword, great, but you are also looking at related queries, you are looking at related topics as well. So, I can write something about influencer marketing. I can write something about jellyfish online marketing ltd that's probably an online marketing agency, and then online marketing trends, or online marketing rockstars. I don't know who online marketing rockstars are, but whatever. But it's going to give you some ideas, so it's obviously trendy.
Now, the other thing is, this is free, you can use Google Search Console as well. So, Google Search Console is going to give you data around how things are going on your website. So, I can see right here I'm ranking for some stuff around SEO, I'm ranking for some stuff around blockchain, I'm ranking for some stuff around digital marketing examples. Maybe I can brainstorm with my team and everyone comes up with two, three, four, five ideas around the keywords we have and then you're kind of crowdsourcing the ideas out there. But if you don't have a team that's okay, you can look at the data you have already, the data doesn't lie.
Now, the last and final thing I have, last but not least you can use AHREFS. AHREFS is one of my favorite SEO tools out there, and again, in the spirit of keeping the video consistent with Neil Patel we have Neil Patel's website over here. So, you can see what I'm looking at is I search his website and I'm looking at the number of organic keywords that he ranks for, because if he ranks number one for online marketing he's probably doing something right. So, I can see here, okay he ranks number five for SEO, he ranks number one for affiliate marketing, he ranks number four for digital marketing, ranks number five for bing ads, my God he just ranks for everything.If you want to go a little deeper you can see how he's doing something and try to reverse engineer and do better than him.
But these are just a couple of ways to make keyword research faster and make things easier for you without having to pull your hair out. So, hopefully you enjoyed this video. Hit subscribe if you enjoyed it and we'll see you in the next one.

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