How is blockchain impacting marketing for 2018 & beyond?

So you want to grow your blockchain business but not sure how to market emerging tech? In this blockchain marketing tutorial Eric Siu shares his insights on how to market blockchain with a holistic approach, expanding on the standard white pages and press sheets.
Eric explains what is blockchain exactly and answers the question, "how does blockchain work?"
Learn breakthrough marketing and blockchain secrets FAST in this in depth best guide to blockchain and digital marketing.

Read on to find out what exactly blockchain is and how it’s being applied to marketing (with some real-life examples) In this in depth article from Eric:


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video, we're gonna talk about how Blockchain is impacting marketing for 2018 and beyond. So first and foremost, we've got to establish what the Blockchain is. Blockchain is technology that can be used in different ways. We look at Bitcoin, we look at Ethereum, we have a lot of these different coins. Blockchain or Bitcoin, they have their own kind of protocol. Ethereum, you can build apps on top of it.
The Blockchain, basically is this, if you look at ... Let's go back to Bitcoin for a second. Think of ledger, for example. You have this ledger online that people are keeping across the world, there's different computers recording these transactions. You have this ledger and then once the transaction happens, it becomes locked in on the Blockchain and then the new chain starts on top of it. But what's great about that is whenever a transaction is recorded, it's immutable, it cannot be changed, and then it moves onto the next thing. That way you basically establish proof that it's been done, and it's verified across all the computers in the world.
Same thing for Ethereum as well. So, you can build technology on top of the Blockchain. An example of how Blockchain technology might work, is let's say, I'm sitting right here recording this video with you right now. I'm not at home right now. I'm paying for my internet right now and I have this excess capacity with my internet. What if I can share that with somebody else? What is I can share the excess capacity and they can pay me in micro-transactions? That's one of the abilities of the blockchain, so I can transact with people in Nigeria, for example, at much lower cost. That enables a lot more productivity in the world.
Or, let's say for example, Airbnb. Let's say I am renting my apartment out on Airbnb. Well, I have to go through Airbnb for that and it takes your transaction fee. What if we can eliminate that transaction fee and I can go directly with you and then we can just eliminate the middle man. That way, we can save on cost.
Blockchain allows us to build technology that's similar to this where the excess capacity I can sell to people through micro-transactions. Airbnb, for example, we can make our own version of Airbnb. That's the kind of technology that's available.
How does this apply to marketing? Well, think about this. Right now, if I read a piece of content on a blog that I really like and I wanna pay that person, well, if I wanna pay that person, it doesn't make sense. I wanna pay $1 or $2, my transaction fees alone are gonna cost potentially more than that. But using a technology like a blockchain technology, I can build something and then basically say, "Okay, let's put this technology on my blog and then if you wanna pay me, well you can pay me in micro-transactions. So you can pay me in 5 cents, 10 cents, whatever." Then it becomes much more feasible. You can have people around the world, if you have a really popular blog, you can make a lot of money that way instead of having to go through a middle man, like a PayPal or having to use AdSense on Google, for example.
That's one way you can use it. If you think about copyrighted material as well, let's say I wanna use copyrighted material from a specific artist. Well, I can just pay him through micro-transactions, reach out to them, maybe have a platform and then you can pay them through micro-transactions and then you can have ... you can use that copyrighted material.
Finally, around advertising as well. There's a browser called Brave, right now, and then basically you can pay different websites in micro-transactions. There's a tool called Stream where it's like Reddit, or maybe Steam, I think it's Steemit, where you get paid to participate in a community up vote, down vote things and you get paid in micro-transactions.
This is just one aspect of the blockchain technology making an impact in marketing. There's a lot of different applications. Just think about how marketing works today. There's a lot of middle men, it's all over the place, but if you can make something where you can just eliminate the middle man and create something of value, that a lot of people can use, well that's how blockchain is gonna impact marketing for 2018 and beyond. This is just one of the few ways.
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