How to get incredible show notes on the cheap!

Are you ready to take your podcast to the next level? In this video we'll show you how to podcast like a pro with the best show notes creators on the market. No longer will you have to wonder where to get podcast transcripts or where to create show notes - you can start to automatically publish show notes affordably with these services. The benefits of using show notes are numerous: Your audience can read or follow along, it helps tremendously with SEO and building your content, and of course, it gives you the ability to go back and find important points quickly.
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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video, we're gonna show you how you can get incredible Show Notes on the cheap. But wait, what are Show Notes? So, if you're starting a podcast it's in your best interest to invest in Show Notes.
Here's the reason; a lot of people like myself, sometimes I like reading the transcripts, sometimes I don't have audio, maybe I just want to read. I really like reading stuff, I use Pocket all the time, I just save a bunch of stuff.
Also, I like Show Notes because it's good for me to also kind of go back and review. My background's in SEO, so I like the SEO benefit of Show Notes.
Audio, search engines can't really crawl that, but text they can. As an example, Marketing Scroll is a daily marketing podcast, so it's in my best interest to have 365 days worth of content just publish every single day. Then, we started a new site called, the traffic just kept going up like this.
We didn't build any links to it, we didn't do anything at all just content, content, content, content. Now, we're putting it on Single Grain the marketing agency that I run, that's why show notes are really good.
At the end of the day they're not that expensive you already put in the work, you might as well maximize, it's a way of repurposing. If you need to buy a car you're not gonna just drive it for one week, you're gonna drive it for as long as you can. So, that's what you wanna do with your content.
So, what I recommend is this you can use a service like the Show Notes Guy, or Podcast Motor. These are services where I might pay 500, $800, a thousand dollars a month where they will do the Show Notes for you, they will handle the audio as well, they will bucket everything nicely together and that's very easy to work with too. So, I recommend those two.
Now, if you don't wanna work with those two, or you don't have that kind of budget in the beginning, like in the very beginning for a growth everywhere I wrote all the Show Notes in the very beginning, and then I hired a writer to do it.
So, I went to ProBlogger for example to hire a writer, or you can go on Upwork for example, you can go on Fiverr for example, or you can go on AngelList, and you can find people that are younger, hungry, and ready to work with you, maybe they want some mentorship from you, and they you can just get Show Notes on the cheap.
But, you can start to establish a process that way, or you can do work with an agency that has everything kind of built-in, that's kind of what we're doing right now and that way you can grow really quickly.
So, I recommend doing that I think it's great for SEO traffic, I think this could bring you more opportunities, it's just gonna build more of a reach for you.
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