How to Produce the Perfect Creative for Your YouTube Ads

Getting your YouTube ads to keep people's attention is no easy feat! in this video we walk you through a simple approach to making sure your creative is in line with what your targeted viewers will enjoy watching, ultimately increasing your view rate and maximizing your ROI.


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: All right. So, in this video I'm going to show you how to produce the perfect creative for your YouTube ads. My name is Eric Siu. I'm the cohost of the daily Marketing School Podcast and the host of the weekly entrepreneurial Growth Everywhere Podcast. I'm going to pull in someone from the team to get you what you need and I'll see you afterwards.

Speaker 2: Creating the perfect creative for your YouTube ads. So, how do you go about producing a video that is going to be not just watched but enjoyed? That's the ultimate question that we're asking when the creative comes around. On the YouTube platform we want to make sure that your viewers are engaged within that first five seconds. People that are watching these YouTube ads, I'm guilty of it. I know you are too. When you see that ad pop up, you just want to push that Skip button.
So, how can you spill enough interest in that first five second where your viewer is actually going to want to watch the rest of the ad? I know it can be tempting to just kind of throw everything you've got into that five seconds but you want to resist that. You want to make that you have just something that's nice compelling, beautiful imagery that is like a headline in a newspaper ad. A good headline will pull you in, will convince you to read the body paragraph, and that's how you want your first five to eight seconds to be.
Some other things that you want to do are research the channels that you're going to be putting your ad on. If you're going to be posting your ad on a toy channel, for example, it might be good to look at the type of content that's being produced, speak in that language. Have your shots and your cinematography mirror that format so that the viewers of that channel are going to feel that your ad matches what they want to see.
Now, the other thing you want to make sure that you do is keep your message simple. Try to address only one main key point whether that's a feature of your product. Maybe it's a new announcement if people are familiar with the product already and it's like a new upgrade or something like that. Keep it simple. Solve one problem in your video. Don't try to solve 50 things. Don't try to spill everything out. Let them get that story in a short amount of time, and let that story be finished by the time they're done watching the ad.
You can have a sequential series of videos, ads that sort of run after another so that once one person watches your video you can retarget them with a follow-up video. That way you don't have to worry about spilling everything into one video, but if you have many features or maybe it's like a sequential targeting that you want to do, you can have your customers watch the first video, have them watch the next video in the sequence, and they're going to build this narrative around your product.
All right, and then the last thing we're going to talk about is the thumbnail. Make sure that you do your research, again with the same idea. Look at the channels that you're going to be targeting. Look at the audiences that you're going to be targeting and then design that thumbnail so that it fits what people are seeing in that genre.
You don't have to go out and spend a fortune to create your YouTube creative. You can get out there and start with an iPhone, but if you really want to have something that shows that you're serious, hire a good copywriter to write a script, get a production team to go out and shoot it. You can start small and then scale up as you go. Put some creative heads together, really brainstorm what it is that you want to stand for. Make some great ads and, Eric, back to you.

Eric Siu: All right. So hope you enjoyed that. Leave in the comments below the actions you're going to take to level up your business, and don't forget to hit Subscribe. We'll see you tomorrow.

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