Never Give Up on Success: Passport Crisis in Vancouver!


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: You have to do whatever it takes to make it. I was like, "Man, I have to get up maybe 4:00/4:30 or so, or a little earlier and then just make my way here.
Okay, so we're here now in Vancouver. We finally made it. This is the video following Cabo San Lucas, the EO retreat that we did, which was amazing by the way, the best retreat we've ever done. So, if you ever want to do a retreat, I recommend Cabo San Lucas. I'm about to go downstairs and get my TED registration, the badge. Excited for that in terms of the schedule. It's actually pretty grueling.
What I do want to talk about was yesterday when I landed, right after I left customs, what happened was my passport fell out of my pocket, and it's actually this pocket right here. So it fell out of this pocket, it's pretty shallow, and I think I was putting my luggage up into the lift that I was getting into. And I didn't find out that I lost my passport until later in the day. So I was like, "God, what do I do? What do I do? Like, how can I get in?"
I already have a flight booked, but what happened was I needed to talk to a friend that, she actually lived in Vancouver before. I found out I had to basically, take two flights to a city that's close to the border of Vancouver. And then, from there, I would basically take out my passport card. With the passport card, basically, you're only allowed to cross into Canada or Mexico by land or by sea. You cannot come in through air. Are you going to do what it takes to get here? Cause it did cost a nice chunk of change to go through that whole ordeal. And I have to go through the same ordeal going back. I got questioned at customs, "Why are you here? What are you doing exactly?"
So what I'm going to have to do is, I'm going to have to expedite my passport as well. So what I did was, I went through a service called Rush my Passport. They can actually get you your passport within 24 hours and they'll have a courier actually go stand in for you in the US. So my point is here is that, yeah, if it's worth it to you, you're not gonna make any excuse, you're gonna make it happen at the end of the day, no matter if it costs more money, if it costs you a lot more time. Yes, it's a hassle but, you know at the end of the day, I'm grateful that I'm here. I mean, this is freaking Vancouver.
When we're doing these kind of one-word descriptions of who you are, if your friends were to describe you or your business partners, or whoever has done business with you, how would they describe you? The one word that I use for myself was relentless. So, yeah, CYA, cover your ass. Do what you can. Risk mitigation. We had a really good session on that by one of my EO [inaudible 00:02:32] members. Do whatever you can to mitigate risk not only in business but for yourself as well. Do whatever you can. Save your time. Save the headache and just make your life easier. I hope you enjoyed this again, and see you tomorrow.

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