YouTube Advertising 101: How to Get Started

Getting started with YouTube advertising doesn’t have to be scary. In this beginner’s guide to YouTube advertising, we give you a basic understanding of how advertising works on YouTube and how you can maximize your promotional spend by being specific with your targeting. Eric Siu and Andrew Bloom from Single Grain share their expertise in this entertaining clip on the basic strategy of advertising for YouTUbe and why YouTube is one of the best platforms for advertising out there.

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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video we're gonna show you how you can get started with YouTube advertising. YouTube advertising is important because YouTube is actually the number two search engine in the world. It's getting bigger and bigger and when you think about it, I like YouTube advertising because the way a view is counted is different from other advertising platforms. A view on YouTube that you pay for, is anybody that watches 30 seconds or finishes a video, whichever one comes first.
So, without further ado, I'm gonna have someone from my team explain how YouTube advertising works so you can grow your business.

Andrew Bloom: Hi I'm Andrew Bloom, Channel Manager for Search Display and YouTube here at Single Grain. So, how do we get started with YouTube marketing? First it's important to remember that YouTube is part of the Google Ad Words family of network. A lot of the principles that guide success on Google networks, are gonna apply to YouTube. Getting started on YouTube with a YouTube strategy is going to involve the intersection of a targeting method strategy and your ad format strategy. We recommend also harnessing a lot of intersectionality there. It's a theme. This is gonna prevent you from accidentally broadcasting to too wide of an audience. It's always better to start narrow and then expand as you're seeing your results flow in.
Always take something about the user and something about the placement. We run a lot of topic and affinity intersection campaigns on YouTube. Topic, what is the video about, and affinity, what's something that the user might be interested in. I also recommend a model with display keywords intersected with Google's In-market audience lists. In-market lists are very, very similar to interest lists, but from people who are exhibiting shopping and purchasing behaviors right now, they're adding to cart, they're in checkouts, they're doing pricing comparison.
Display keywords can also help narrow down a lot of erroneous content. Whenever Google has the YouTube title, a YouTube description, these transcript as you begin to get data, you can then adjust other variables in your target. You can look at devices, whether it's desktop, mobile, tablet, geography, demographics, and schedule, ultimately you can even optimize for individual channels and placements.
Some people make the mistake of starting with this, saying I only wanna advertise on this YouTube channel. This YouTube channel speaks to me, so it speaks to my viewers, and they find that it's just too narrow. I recommend that adjusting for this after the fact, and you'll always find instructive surprises there. You might find your getting 70% view rate on a Gucci main video, as we did, and you know what, that's okay.
This should give you enough to get started thinking about targeting, thinking about wherever your videos can belong to give you the most success.

Eric Siu: Okay, so that's just a little bit about how you can get started with YouTube advertising, and if you want more videos like this, just hit subscribe and we'll see you in the next video.

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