How to reach out to millionaires: Social skills for business owners

If you're wondering how to contact VIPS, whether you're growing you business from scratch or just looking for advice to grow relationships, this video will help you build millionaire-friendly...

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Eric Sui: In this video I'm going to show you how you can reach out to millionaires for whatever you're looking for. My name is Eric Sui, I'm the CEO of a digital marketing agency called Single Grain. If you like videos like this, feel free to keep browsing.
So, in terms of how you can reach out to millionaires. I think we're all trying to reach out to millionaires cause we all want something. So you might be trying to reach out to a billionaire like Mark Cuban, many, many millions. Or you might be looking to reach out to like a Neil Patel, for example. I'm going to use Neil Patel because he is my podcast co-host of Marketing School, and he is a millionaire. When I was maybe 24 years old or so, so this is, well it's a while back. When I was 24 years old, basically, I reached out to Neil. This was when I was first learning how to do marketing. I knew he was really popular in this space, and I reached out to him over and over. I did a lot of research on him. I knew he was the guy to follow.
So, on my screen right now, if you look at it. If we go to his blog, for example, I can learn more about Neil. If I want to learn about Mark Cuban, I can go to his website, I can learn about who he is exactly. Neil, right here he has an About page, and he has a video as well. He talks about what he is kind of interested in. Basically, for him, I know he's really interested in online businesses, he's interested in marketing. He's interested in making money. So, everybody has access to Google nowadays. You just need to go on Google, research who you're talking to first, so you know what they're interested in, and you know what makes them tick. So then you can add value to them.
I can use a tool like, there's a lot of email tools out there. There's, there's find.lead. There's so many different tools out there to find people's emails. You can just use So, in this scenario, might as well search Neil's website. So Okay? And I'm going to find email addresses. I'm going to see what comes up. Okay? And then you can see that there's a lot of different sources. There's one over here that has twenty plus sources over here. And it says the most common pattern is first, name, and So you can see it's kind of blurred out right here. You can get a free account of hunter. I can log in, and I can get it too, but you can safely assume that his email address is [email protected], given that there's twenty sources siting this right here.
I'm going to log in to show you that this is in fact real. Cool. So it is, in fact, [email protected]. That's how you find someone's email address. Right? You can use other tools out there, others that I've talked about. From a sales perspective, there's Duck Soup. And that's how you get their email addresses. Now, I'm going to show you one more thing. So, for example, I have a podcast, I have two podcasts. One is a platform where I interview other entrepreneurs. But you can build your own podcast. You can build your own platform. If you have an email list, if you have some kind of subscriber base, or you know people, you can add value in some way, shape or form. All of you are creative, right? The fact that you're watching this means that you're a hungry person that's looking to grow and that means a lot.
So here's an example of a template that I use with, and this is something that I send to people that I'm trying to get on my podcast. So what we do is, we create a list of people we're trying to reach out to. And then I go to my sequences over here, and then I can look at this right here. And this is my template. So when I'm sending cold emails to people, or from a sales perspective, if you're sending cold emails, you're typically looking for a response rate that's greater than five percent, right? So of a hundred emails that you send five people respond, you're good to go. And your open rate, maybe if you're 30%, 40%, 50% or so, you're good. In this scenario, if you look over my mouse over here, I've sent 779 emails, 74% of people opened it. Okay? And the reply rate was 24%. So that's almost 5x greater than what's acceptable from a sales perspective.
So, if you're looking to learn sales, I mean, this is one way to do it. But, in this scenario, you're looking to reach out to millionaires. So how do you add value to millionaires? So right here you can see my first email that goes to a millionaire, I'll say this, "Neil, I love what you do at Neil Patel. Are you up for an interview on the Growth Everywhere Podcast? We get over 70,000 downloads a month and then we get founders from large SaaS companies, inventor of the magnetic credit card stripe," and so, and so, right? And then it keeps following up with them for four or five until it will finally give up. So that's how I get people to respond because I'm automatically putting them on a platform.
So how do you help them immediately? What are they looking for? Maybe you can intern for them, you can do some free work for them for three months or so, and that's how you start to go into their circle. You have to figure out how you can help first. If you don't have much to value, or you don't have much to give initially, you can at least give free work to learn from them to get mentorship from them. That's the minimum that you can do. Every single one of you can do it, it's just a matter if you want to do it or not.
So, if you like videos around marketing, entrepreneurship, or more stuff like this, just watch the next video. See you later.

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