The Startup Story You Didn’t Hear About: The Billion Dollar Company That Was 4 Days From Going Bankrupt [podcast]

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In today’s episode, I share the mic with Mark Organ, Eloqua co-founder and CEO of Influitive.

A self-described serial entrepreneur, Influitive is Mark’s 7th business. He dove into entrepreneurship head first after realizing he couldn’t hold down a regular job and his first ventures gave him exposure to everything from bootstrapping a business to generating leads and managing a board of directors.

Eloqua was created as a boostrapped business by a bunch of 20-somethings who didn’t know what they were doing. Naturally, there were ups and downs for the first five years. But the most inspiring part is that Eloqua once only had four days of cash in the bank before they would have to declare bankruptcy — but they pulled themselves out of the fire and made things happen! Mark survived the struggles of getting Eloqua off the ground and went on to sell it to Oracle for $1B.

Mark also shares his genius strategies on how Influitive leverages your best customers as advocates, evangelists and promoters through fun and addictive tasks. Part of that is that used a team with a background in gaming to create an easier and rewarding way to attract and keep advocates. In this way, Influitive gets 5x more out of people just by providing an amazing experience for advocates.

This interview is action packed with tips that you’ll take with you if you’re building a business!

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