How to Improve Public Speaking Skills and Master Subtle Marketing

Public speaking is a powerful tool for career success and personal growth. Mastering it can boost your career and impact. Using marketing techniques in your presentations can make you a more effective speaker.

Building a strong personal brand is important for establishing your credibility on stage. Maybe you’re exhibiting at or attending a conference where it will favor you to know how to speak eloquently. Or maybe you’re hosting an online webinar.

In any case, this article will discuss how personal branding and subtle marketing can improve your public speaking skills and raise your persuasion and charisma capabilities as they pertain to marketing yourself, your brand, and pretty much anything you’re passionate about.

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Mastering Public Speaking through Personal Branding and Subtle Marketing

Personal branding is more than a trendy term; it’s a crucial way to show the world who you are and what you know. In public speaking, your personal brand helps prove you’re an expert, which makes your message more trustworthy. 

And here’s the thing. It’s not just something extroverts can be good at. Introverts can do it, too. It’s more of a skill than it is a proclivity in that sense.

Public speakers like Jay Shetty and Jim Kwik are great examples of personal branding. They share their own stories and experiences to connect with their audience, which makes their talks more powerful and memorable:

The story of Jim Kwik

Here are some practical tips:

  • Always share your main values and experiences in your talks. This adds authenticity and helps the audience relate to you. 
  • Use personal stories to make your points clearer and more interesting. This makes your presentations more engaging and easier to remember. 
  • Make sure your visual presentation style matches your brand for a consistent and recognizable look. This consistency makes your brand recognizable and memorable. 

Key Takeaway: Use personal branding to boost your credibility and connect better with your audience in public speaking.

Incorporating Subtle Marketing Techniques

Subtle marketing means naturally including mentions of products or services in your conversation. This approach can greatly extend the reach of your message and keep your audience’s trust.

For example, Jim Kwik often talks about his books and podcasts during his presentations. This indirectly promotes his work without being too pushy. This strategy boosts his credibility and keeps the audience interested. It’s just one of the tricks he uses to make his podcast that much more effective.

To use subtle marketing effectively, consider these tips:

  • Meaningful mentions. Mention your work or products in a way that contributes to the conversation meaningfully, not just in a way to draw attention to it out of the blue. Make sure it feels natural and relevant to the topic at hand. 
  • Share success stories or testimonials that naturally showcase your products. This highlights their benefits without seeming like a hard sell. 
  • Relevance is key. Ensure all promotional content is relevant and supports your main message. Irrelevant promotions can disrupt the flow and alienate your audience. 
  • Use effective delivery techniques. When giving a public speech, employ strong body language while maintaining eye contact and use confident gestures to keep the audience’s attention. These non-verbal cues enhance your message and make subtle promotions more impactful.

Key Takeaway: As a public speaker, subtle marketing can improve your presentation by naturally promoting your work and effectively engaging your audience without turning them off.

Practical Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills

Good preparation and research are key to effective public speaking. Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman is a great example of this. He prepares for anywhere between 12 and 100 hours preparing for each podcast (which tend to be hours long) to ensure it’s valuable for his listeners. And that’s why his content quality is so incredibly high.

Delivering your talk well and using technology smartly can make your presentations better. Tools like QR codes and multimedia can make your talk more engaging and easier to follow.

To become a better and more confident speaker, try these practical steps:

  • Join a local or online speaking club like Toastmasters to practice often and develop your confidence and professional speaking skills. Regular dedicated practice in a supportive environment helps develop your speaking skills. Practice makes perfect. 

Toastmasters homepage

  • Take public speaking classes that provide structured learning and feedback. Taking a class will provide techniques and strategies to improve your presentations and can help you write a great speech. 
  • Record and review. Record your speeches and watch them to see where you can improve. Self-review is an important part of the process because it helps you refine your delivery and content before you stand in front of a live audience.

Key Takeaway: Regular practice and smart use of technology are crucial for improving your public speaking skills and engaging your audience effectively.

Final Word on Enhancing Public Speaking

Personal branding and subtle marketing are important tools that can greatly improve your public speaking skills. 

By developing a personal brand, you establish credibility and trust. Subtle marketing allows you to promote your work naturally without alienating your audience. Together, these techniques enhance your ability to persuade and engage, whether you’re presenting at a conference or hosting a webinar. 

Using these strategies, you can better your communication in front of an audience and strengthen your connection with any group. This leads to more impact and engagement in your speeches.

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