The Best Way to Survey Your Audience | Ep. #681

In episode #681, Eric and Neil discuss the best way to survey your audience. Tune in to hear how and why you should survey your customers and why it is so vital to improving your business.


  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: The Best Way to Survey Your Audience
  • [00:35] There are two types of data: quantitative and qualitative.
  • [00:45] Google Analytics tracks quantitative.
  • [00:56] Over 95% of your traffic (and maybe more) don’t convert. Why?
  • [01:10] The Google numbers won’t tell you. You have to talk to your customers through phone, email, and text.
  • [01:20] Surveying is qualitative data. When combined with quantitative, you will be able to greatly improve your business.
  • [01:44] Eric was recently reading the blog “Wild Audience”. The site surveyed him.
  • [02:00] The questions he answered were a way to qualify visitors and segment them into the right campaigns.
  • [02:40] Survey Slam was recommended by “Wild Audience”. It’s a WordPress plugin that costs $97 for the developer license.
  • [03:10] You leave money on the table by not putting people into the right classification.
  • [03:18] Don’t ask too many questions at once and make sure they aren’t biased.
  • [03:40] Make sure your questions are open-ended, so you don’t accidentally bias the survey.
  • [04:22] You can use a word cloud to combine your qualitative feedback.
  • [04:29] From there, you can look at what the commonalities are and make decisions based on the insights you gain.
  • [04:49] When people are done with the survey, make sure to show them a Thank You page that will drive a conversion.
  • [05:21] That’s all for today!
  • [05:24] Go to for a special marketing tool giveaway!

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Voice Over.: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to marketing school with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School, I'm Eric Siu.

Neil: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric: And today we're going to talk about the best way to survey your audience. So Neil why is it important to survey your audience in the first place?

Neil: There's two types of data, there's quantitative data and qualitative data. With your website you're seeing a lot of information, how users interact through quantitative data. That's what you see in Google analytics. The numbers, the data, you're crunching it, you're trying to make decisions on, here's where the drop off is in my funnel, or here's what pages drive the most traffic from Google. But here's the thing, over 95% of your traffic, and I bet you it's way more than that don't convert into customers. Why is that?
Looking at numbers in Google analytics may give you ideas on what tests to run and how to improve your numbers but it won't tell you specifically why a user's not converting, you have to talk to them, over the phone, through text, through emails, through surveying. And surveying specifically or email's, text's, all of that, that's qualitative data. That's information someone else is giving you and when you combine that with the quantitative data you'll truly be able to improve your business, your marketing, and grow your sales and conversions.

Eric: Yeah, and the reason we brought this up in the first place is because this is actually really recent. I was looking through a blog, and the blog is and I saw this pop up that showed up, and it basically asked me a couple questions like, tell us a little more about you. You don't have a business, you're looking to grow your info product business, or you're looking to grow your software business. I'm just making things up right now but basically it's a list of questions that is allowing the user to segment themselves into where they're at exactly.
Once you answered the first question it would move you to another question and you can add as many questions as you want. You probably want to keep it a little simpler but basically you're qualifying all of the visitors that are coming to your site, you're segmenting them into the right bucket, and then using a tool like this it's going to allow you to move them into the right email campaign and then message them correctly.
Because in the last episode, Neil talked about, on his thank you page he has his consulting, he has his webinar as well. He's got other stuff going on too, where people can go and learn more stuff. He's just got different offers, and there's different people at different stages right, people are playing at different levels.
So this tool is called a survey slam, and this was recommended by the guy from Wild Audience, his names Bastian. I emailed him personally, I was like, "can you tell me what the tool is that you're using?" And it allows you to do exactly what I just said. It is a WordPress plug in, I think you pay 97 bucks for the developer license, and from there you're able to take it to the next level in terms of segmenting.
I think a lot of people fail at that right now because they just through a very general lead magnet, like a Ebook for example and from there people are just put into one general nurture sequence. I think you're leaving money on the table by not putting people into the right bucket.

Neil: Whenever you're surveying people don't also try to ask them 20 things at once. If you ask them too many questions people won't end up taking the survey, you've got to do small questions at a time. And make sure your questions aren't biased. With questions, you can push people down a specific path and you want them neutral. You want to figure out what's causing issues for them.
So for example, I'm trying to figure out why people aren't buying one of my products. If I say, "hey I notice you're not interested in buying this product, please pick why," and I give them three options, I'm pushing them down a specific route. Instead, some of these questions you want open ended, like "hey I noticed that you decided to leave the website," and doing a survey on exit right. “what else could I have showed you to change your mind or made you stay around?" And then people will give me open ended responses, and once I get a lot of them I can figure out the commonalities. And then if I want to go from there and start doing multiple choice surveying fine, but at least I have some data and I'm not pushing down people a specific route that I think is quote unquote best for them, versus hearing them out and letting them tell me what the real problems are.

Eric: Yeah, and to Neil's point when you're able to collect a bunch of qualitative feedback just use something like word cloud, combine all of the words together and then from there you can look at what the commonalities are, take the signal versus all the noise out there and then you can make better decisions given the insights that you have.
So really simple, use surveys, you don't necessarily need to use Survey Slam, you can also survey your email audience too from time to time, but use these and it's going to help you grown your business. Anything else?

Neil: When people are done taking a survey make sure you show them something on the thank you page to try to get them to convert. You can do some really fancy surveying. I've seen some buddies create some custom surveys and I've had my developer Sissman also do this for me as well. In which, based on the responses people give we show them something specific on the thank you page to try to convince them to convert. Because after a while you'll notice that certain people fill in similar responses and it's a last ditch effort to try and generate some more conversions, why not? Even if it boosts conversion by an extra 5-6%, somethings better than nothing.

Eric: That's it for today. So before we go check out our marketing tools to help you grow your business at and we'll see you tomorrow.

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