7 Unorthodox Marketing Hacks You Ought to Leverage | Ep. #620

In episode #620. Eric and Neil discuss 7 unorthodox marketing hacks. Tune in to hear what you could be doing to drive conversions.


  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: 7 Unorthodox Marketing Hacks You Ought to Leverage
  • [00:35] #1: When driving people to your website, less than 5% will convert. For the 95% that don’t convert, re-market them with an opposite pitch (logical vs. emotional).
  • [01:22] #2: Every month, when Drift launches a new feature, they treat it as a product launch, which helps to keep them top-of-mind. Product Hunt is a great tool for this.
  • [02:22] #3: There is a program on LinkedIn that gives a special button that populates their LinkedIn info into a form, so they have less work to do. This will increase your leads and conversions, because there is less work to be done
  • [02:59] #4: Build a repurposing framework. Think about all the content you can take even further (turning a blog post into a video, social media post, webinar, etc.).
  • [03:36] #5: To increase your traffic, start doing things people wouldn’t normally do.
  • [04:01] The best way to get people from your blog to your landing page/product page is to place banner ads within your blog.
  • [04:27] #6: Offer something for free for the cost of shipping.
  • [04:57] Russell Brunson built his company by doing this.
  • [05:10] #7: Give people options in your ads.
  • [05:22] Within the first 30 seconds of a video about learning guitar, the instructor offered a link for beginners and a link for more advanced students.
  • [06:04] That’s it for today!
  • [06:06] Go to Singlegrain.com/Giveway for a special marketing tool giveaway!

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: And today we're going to talk about seven unorthodox marketing hacks that you ought to leverage. Neil, what's number one?

Neil Patel: Sure. So the first unorthodox marketing hack I have for you to leverage is anytime ... And I've said this before but very few of you guys actually do it and this is why we repeat it. When you're driving people to your website, less than five percent typically convert into a lead, a customer, whatever you're selling. Ninety-five plus percent of people won't. If your pitch is a logical pitch, that's fine. If your pitch is an emotional pitch, that's fine. I'm not telling you to adjust your sales copy. But what you want to do is, for all the people who don't convert, remarket them and send them to a landing page that has an opposite pitch. So, if your original pitch was logical, send them to a landing page that's emotional, you'll get way more sales. Because your original pitch didn't convert them, don't just send them back to the site to the same landing page. You have to have a different offer or different way to make your case and why they should sign up and become a lead.

Eric Siu: Number two. I like Drift. And they actually just launched this yesterday, I believe, on Product Hunt. So what Drift does, it's a chatbot. It is a direct competitor to Intercom and what they do is, almost every single month every new feature that they release comes out as a product launch. There's a lot of fanfare around it and it really keeps their brand top of mind. Neil and I talk about top of mind all the time, and that's part of the reason why we do this podcast too. If you can do something like that, go to Product Hunt, type in the company Drift. You can see all the launches that they have and it's just a new feature launch every single time but they just repackage it differently. I think it's genius.

Neil Patel: Yeah. And speaking of Product Hunt, I recently promoted an Ubersuggest on Progtime. It's a tool that I bought. By doing that after when I was in an email blast, this unconventional marketing stuff, my traffic ended up going up by around about 30% on that tool even after the Product Hunt was done, because more people learned about this new feature that we have and that we were releasing.
Going back to unorthodox marketing hacks, number three. With Linkedin there this program that you can apply for. I think it's called Linkedin InConnect or InMail, I forgot the exact name. But, if you're collecting leads on your site, Linkedin makes it where someone can just click the Linkedin button and it prepopulates everything - their name, their email, their phone number, their job title, whatever it may be. It takes all that information that they have on Linkedin, gives it to you. So now you have all your lead's information without even having to ask them to fill out anything. It's great. It drastically boosts your conversion rates. You ought to leverage it.

Eric Siu: Number four. This is something that I also talk about quite a bit but still not a lot of people implement. It's building a repurposing framework. So Google, Aleyda Solis Content Reusage Framework. And from there think about all the content that you do that you can basically take even further. So, if you've done a blog post that does really well over time, how can you make it into a video? How can you make it into a social media post? How can you make it into perhaps even a webinar? Or maybe you can combine that into a speech, for example. There's a lot that can be done with repurposing, it's just that most people don't have this process set up. So they just go around flailing like a chicken with its head cut off.

Neil Patel: Yes. Number five. If you want to increase your traffic, start doing things that most people wouldn't think of. When you look at ads on people's websites, where do they place them? Side banners, header bars, whatever it may be, right? The place where you can put ads or you see people that are really irritating, is when you're reading content and there's ads within the content. I'm not saying that you should be placing ads within your content for other people's products or services, but most of you guys have blogs. The best way to get people from your blog to your product page or landing page to convert them into a customer, is placing banner ads for your own products within your blog content. So, as they're reading, they can click through. That'll drive more traffic from your blog to your product pages, or your landing pages, or lead collection pages, than if you place things within your sidebar or your header area.

Eric Siu: Number six. So Russell Brunson does a really good job of this. This is the free plus shipping offer. So the idea is that you can ... let's say Russell's offering a book or he's offering an MP3 player, you can go get that and all you have to do is pay for shipping, which might be nine bucks. The genius behind this is that, after you've put in that money, there's an order form bump where you might be able to pay for something that's a couple of bucks more. And then there's a one time offer afterwards. And then there's another offer afterwards. Now, I'm not saying you need to be like that, but I'm saying that, if he's made the numbers work and he's built a company that's on its way to doing a hundred million or more this year in Bootstrap, well there's a little something that he's doing around marketing that most people aren't doing, so maybe there's something that you can learn.

Neil Patel: Number seven. Give people options in your ads. The highest converting ad that I've seen in a very long time was a video ad on YouTube that teaches people how to play the guitar. And, within the first 30 seconds of the video, the guy gives a quick presentation on playing the guitar and he's like, "If you already know the basics, click here for some more advanced material." "If you don't know how to play the guitar and you just want to learn and this is your first time, click here." Then, whatever option you click, it takes you to a different video that explains, hey, here are the basic ways to play guitar or here are the advanced ways, and it sells you on a product or service that's more relevant to your skillset at that time and moment. So by filtering people and driving them down a different path from the top, you can find that you'll get more conversions. Sure, you may end up paying more per adview, but in general your ROIs going to be much higher.

Eric Siu: All right. So that's it for today. But, before we go, go get your marketing goodies at singlegrain.com/giveaway and we'll see you tomorrow.

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